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Shouty Phil Ivey photoshop Shouty Phil Ivey photoshop

07-05-2014 , 06:08 AM
07-05-2014 , 06:40 AM
07-05-2014 , 07:20 AM
07-05-2014 , 07:32 AM
Lol these are all great
07-05-2014 , 07:36 AM
Originally Posted by VoteKen
07-05-2014 , 07:53 AM
07-05-2014 , 08:11 AM
07-05-2014 , 08:38 AM
Four of a kind.

07-05-2014 , 08:58 AM
Hahahahahah at all

Edit: Some requests: 1. Doug Lee crawling out of Phils mouth or something like that.
2. Find two poker pros in heated argument and put Phils face on one.
3. Phils face on Todd Brunson during booty bang of black reporter. (or Phils face on reporter)
4. Put Iveys face on dude that got caught looking at Clonie Gowens boobs.
5. Make a Phil Ivey Godzilla thing with fire coming out of mouth.
6. Have Phil in a dentist chair. (Extra points if Doug Lee is dentist)
7. Put new Ivey face on Phil in pic of him getting calf massage. (Then switch Phils head with masseuse's)
8. Some new person rips out of Phils mouth destroying Phils head and body. (Doug Lee, Jerry Yang, Mike B,...)
9. Have bats fly out his mouth.
10. Have a crazy bright light come out of mouth. (Like has happened in movies when vampire bout to die or whatever)
11. Have Phil yelling at Howard for messing up Full Tilt.
12. Make Phils head a tunnel entrance for a kids train set. And obv Phil Helmuth boat will be one of train cars going in.

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07-05-2014 , 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by VoteKen
07-05-2014 , 09:40 AM
Originally Posted by VoteKen
07-05-2014 , 09:40 AM

We all know what needs to happen here. I will wait to see how you tweek the text before I offer suggestions.

Edit: May one of the cars please be JRB's Bentley with custom plates JRBroke or whatever it is. Thank you.

p.s. All the photoshopers who bring us so much joy to NVG. May each of you please download a bitcoin app and release your address so that you lovely humans may begin to get compensated a lil better))


Same car as in one above. So both are prolly shops?

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07-05-2014 , 09:49 AM
These threads are the only reason to visit NVG, thank you no matter what happens during the day you always get me smiling.
All A+
07-05-2014 , 09:52 AM
07-05-2014 , 10:18 AM
07-05-2014 , 10:21 AM

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07-05-2014 , 10:41 AM
07-05-2014 , 10:51 AM
07-05-2014 , 10:59 AM
almost serena williams like...
07-05-2014 , 11:13 AM
Originally Posted by ArtySmokes
07-05-2014 , 11:47 AM
07-05-2014 , 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by odiggity
But that's already Phil Ivey.
07-05-2014 , 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by Wilbury Twist
Whatever happened to Eponymous?
Thanks for the thought. Been pretty busy with some other things. Hope to get back to doing some 'shops in the future.
07-05-2014 , 12:02 PM