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"Table Talk" with Polk and Papi - New Episode 12/7 "Table Talk" with Polk and Papi - New Episode 12/7
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"Table Talk" with Polk and Papi - New Episode 12/7

11-23-2016 , 09:52 PM
Joey Ingram and I have launched our new weekly poker show "Table Talk" with Polk and Papi. The show is based around keeping up with the current topics in the poker world, in a Pardon the Interruption style show.

For those of you that aren't familiar with it, we discuss topics with each one having a timer. When the timer ends, we move onto the next topic at hand. This continues throughout the
entire show.

Second Episode

First Episode

Future episodes will be edited into the original post of this thread and the title will be edited to show that they are out. The show will be alternating between both of our youtube channels, with this weeks being over on Joey's.

If you want to catch the show live, its every Wed at 8 pm CET/2 pm EST/11 am PST. It will be streamed on my twitch channel at

I got the go ahead from Mason to make this thread. I know that we each have threads in NVG (Joey's podcasts and my Polkernews), but I felt this deserved a new thread as it will be us creating it together.

I hope you guys enjoy the show!

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11-23-2016 , 10:08 PM
Was a great watch, you guys are good at this. Looking forward to watching this every week!
11-23-2016 , 10:09 PM
11-23-2016 , 10:17 PM
A few things on this....

I've talked and written about why I think it is important for news-style shows to exist in the poker world for quite some time now. I did a couple of episodes of a show with Adrian during the summer time but that didn't amount to something permanent.

I really really believe that shows like this help keeps people connected to the poker world who don't go on TwoPlusTwo or social media but are interested in what is happening and interested in following along with the popular poker players. I've talked with a bunch of people over the past year who are former players or fans of poker and ask them their thoughts on poker content. Most people have said that they want to keep up with what is happening, but there isn't an easy way for them to do so.

I am hoping that Doug and I can create something that can interest a wider audience of poker fans and build something that makes a positive impact for poker. Regardless of how people feel about the future of online poker, I think that most people really love the game of poker and want to see it continue to grow in some way. It sucks that there isn't a good option to lead people to play online once they become more interested in playing again or starting for the first couple of times but hopefully that might change in the next couple of years and content like this will have helped keep people around.

Hopefully, with help from the community and the ideas floating around inside our mind, we can create something special.

I do appreciate all feedback good or bad and the REALLY bad is how I get better at all of this.
11-23-2016 , 11:00 PM
I enjoyed the show, poker world needs this for sure
11-23-2016 , 11:05 PM
Legit A for effort.

Obv it was the first show so tons of room for improvement.

Starting with the immediate removal of Joey Ingram1 from the show.......probably not a bad idea to bounce Doug off as well. Just for good measure.

Decent idea. Ain't gonna stick though.

That said, BEST OF LUCK BROS!!
11-23-2016 , 11:24 PM

Cool Show I Like it it's the "Sports Center of Poker"

Next Episode would be cool to hear both of Your thougths on OTB, and Timofey Kuznetsov, Wish You both the best and Take care . . .

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11-24-2016 , 12:16 AM
Great idea, great show

Also, forum threads sometimes become too many pages long for people to read through the whole thing.
Or they may come and go from forums over time, or have limited time to spare, not knowing which is the latest news.
Magazine style with bite-sized topic list, definately should make it easier for people to keep up with current polker poker news.

You guys work well together, keep it up, looking forward to the next show. Thanks
11-24-2016 , 12:17 AM
O/U on number of episodes?
11-24-2016 , 12:47 AM
Lmao at joey hitting puberty bowt 3.5 seconds in. Sorry papi, dat voice crack tho.

Looking forward to watching this when I stop repeating the intro for self luls, love the work you both do.
11-24-2016 , 01:13 AM
The most glaring thing to me was the difference in resolutions, made joey's side look bad.
11-24-2016 , 01:32 AM
Good concept but needs some improvements and refinements.

Joey with too much shrieking, rambling and repetition. He needs to zoom the camera in so he is framed similar-sized to Doug.

Doug has a cool, calm, confident demeanour with just a bit of ramble and a much better on-screen presence.

All in all they could and should have done what they did in 20 minutes. When the bell sounds they should just stop mid-sentence and move on, quickly. Needs more rapid-fire back and forth to limit the rambling and repetition. Four minute segments could be 3 minutes with the same content and even more if they zinged back and forth.

Finally, I don't think I laughed or cracked a smile once, which I almost always do when watching Doug Polk Poker. Needs some humour here and there.
11-24-2016 , 01:44 AM
We need some some spray tan on Papi to even out the gamma. Otherwise that was entertaining and funny.
11-24-2016 , 01:44 AM
The bell is way too ****ing loud.
11-24-2016 , 02:37 AM
well played guys,
nice to see talented ppl putting so much effort & energy into this.

greetings from Germany
11-24-2016 , 02:57 AM
Ya deadly stuff here boys hopefully you can keep the topics coming in weekly... I would not mind seeing a few topics in sports if you guys want tho... NFL, MMA even world topics that you guys are somewhat bro scienced on...

Would make it easier for yas to pump out content and also might be able to expand your audience a bit
11-24-2016 , 03:44 AM
Great show guys, keep up the good work.

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11-24-2016 , 03:54 AM
Nice work Papi n Doug!
11-24-2016 , 04:19 AM
Hi Everyone:

I though the show was good, especially for the first one. I'm also sure that Joey and Doug want to hear any suggestions or criticisms any of you have. Also, for the moderators, Doug and Joey have permission for this thread.

Best wishes,
11-24-2016 , 04:58 AM
When's the wedding?
11-24-2016 , 06:50 AM
You should do an "Around the Horn" version with 3 other fellow poker players and have Ingram be the judge who awards the points.
11-24-2016 , 06:51 AM
Great stuff. Loved it.

Final turbo rundown bit should obviously be called "Beat the Clock". =)
11-24-2016 , 07:24 AM
Originally Posted by SprattFactor "Table Talk" with Polk and Papi - New Episode 12/7
Great stuff. Loved it.

Final turbo rundown bit should obviously be called "Beat the Clock". =)
Doesn't have enough "Polker" in this naming suggestion. C-
11-24-2016 , 08:11 AM
Originally Posted by Roger Mainfield "Table Talk" with Polk and Papi - New Episode 12/7
The most glaring thing to me was the difference in resolutions, made joey's side look bad.
what cam/mic is Doug using ? paging WCGRider
11-24-2016 , 08:45 AM
seems like you should've called it "Polker Talk"

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