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Poker Player Will Be On Survivor Nicaragua (No they won't) Poker Player Will Be On Survivor Nicaragua (No they won't)

05-19-2010 , 03:57 PM
I wont post on my regular name cause I don't wanna spoil the suprise cause they told me theyd like to have me another year. This producer Lynne recently contacted me and told me they were looking for a High Stakes Pro to go on the show. I told her im a big fan of the show and she told me to fly down to LA for an interview. I talked to the producers and they informed me of the dates. I would have to miss the WSOP, all of it. This will be my first WSOP. I told them thank you for the oppurtunity but I am going for the Youngest Bracelet Holder and I can not. They asked me for some names who I thought would be interesting. I told them that the poker community wants someone respectable and who will represent us well. Not like the random guy who was on "Unanimous" years ago who didnt have any cashes. I gave them a couple of names. I gave them some names of guys who I thought would be up for it. I gave them Durrrr, Bond18,Shaundeeb, AJKHoosiers and a couple other guys info. They told me it was a Hit N Miss with Bellande a couple years ago and they want a young guy who is exciting, smart, and would be into the oppurtunity. They told me the PPA gave them my info, so im assuming they contacted others. Wonder who it is gonna be cause it sounded like they were going for a certain demographic with this. Fingers crossed, especially with the exposure it would bring.
05-19-2010 , 04:01 PM
Kathy Liebert
05-19-2010 , 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by straw
Kathy Liebert
I hope they wouldn't let her sport the "bandana"- top that the chics end up wearing by the end... blech. I don't care how hot the sun gets...
05-19-2010 , 04:10 PM
PH that would be awesome to see him on Survivor with his
05-19-2010 , 04:11 PM
It's obvious your not Durrrr anyway, spelling is too good.
05-19-2010 , 04:12 PM
If I wasn't canadian, I would try so hard to get on.
05-19-2010 , 04:15 PM
I want to be on Survivor sooooooo badly. I'd do terribly in some of those mental strength challenges though.
05-19-2010 , 04:15 PM
Spend whole cast budget on Ziiggy imo.

Also OP you should create a pole with some likely names.

05-19-2010 , 04:20 PM
Originally Posted by nuisance
PH that would be awesome to see him on Survivor with his
05-19-2010 , 04:25 PM
I'd say almost close to zero 21 y.o. online pro poker player would be very entertaining on survivor. Jean Robert is a pretty electric and interesting character on the felt but on survivor he was a total dud.
05-19-2010 , 04:25 PM
If Durrrr were to go on itd be epic. I got a feeling though, they didnt want a flashy guy. They wanted more of a " Im A Natural Balla, I can get any girl", cause someone like PH name dropping every second will just make average folk jealous. They dont announce the Cast till August, but I think well know when we see whos absentee from Main Event and such. They told me that the person will be isolated and such, and early June they gotta fly to Nicaragua for Prep. Itd be insane if Durrrr was wearing a Full Tilt Patch lol.
05-19-2010 , 04:30 PM
Damn dude, the WSOP is an awesome experience, but passing on the chance to go on Survivor is insane (I'm a big fan though, maybe you aren't as into it as me).

That could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, I hope you final table the main event (or get invited again obv), so you aren't regretting this for years to come.

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05-19-2010 , 04:35 PM
Bond18 is the only one I could see doing it.
05-19-2010 , 04:37 PM
Ziigy was already on Fear Factor... So why not.
05-19-2010 , 04:39 PM
isn't deeb to lazy to do anything other than eat donuts etc?
05-19-2010 , 05:28 PM
Is anyone else wondering who OP is?
A just turned 21 or not yet 21, high stakes poker player who PPA suggested to one of the bigger reality shows out there. The only one that comes to mind is djk123.
As far as the show goes, PH would be the most entertaining by far, or Tony G.
05-19-2010 , 05:34 PM
As much as 2+2 hates her, I think Annie Duke would be awesome on survivor.
05-19-2010 , 05:37 PM
wish I got contacted but doubt I have the look they would be going for.
05-19-2010 , 05:41 PM
God I wanna be on survivor soooo bad. One time!
05-19-2010 , 05:43 PM
gobboboy plz...
05-19-2010 , 05:45 PM
i wanna see helmuth suffering on an island it would just be so sick when someone who couldnt even spell survivor outplays him
05-19-2010 , 05:45 PM
Originally Posted by two2brains
isn't deeb to lazy to do anything other than eat donuts etc?
Maybe, but he understands equity in a way most brokers can't even understand.
05-19-2010 , 05:57 PM
Ziggy is actually perfect for this...
05-19-2010 , 06:04 PM
Ya. Sorry Sean, I dont think they took anyone I said really to heart. They told me they had talked to a lot of other pros when they interviewed me and that the only reason they wanted me in general was because ive watched every single season. I gave them ur number hopefully you or Tony will get a call. I talked to someone else right after I posted the thread a pretty well known guy. He told me he talked to them a while ago and once he told them he had a signed contract to represent a site they werent interested. So it seems like they wont be letting anyone wear clothes or patches representing who there affiliated with. I really hope though they contact Tony, or Sean both would be great addition to the show.
05-19-2010 , 06:11 PM
Originally Posted by shaundeeb
wish I got contacted but doubt I have the look they would be going for.
Almost half the Samoa cast wasn't very attractive, this isn't real world/road rules challenge on MTV.

If you have a dynamic personality, they will let you slide in the looks department.

I believe Russell has gotten the producers interested in people with a keen eye for strategy after reading this thread, which makes me extremely happy.

Well done Survivor decision makers!