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Multi-player Search iPhone App Multi-player Search iPhone App

03-26-2010 , 02:31 PM
Just picked this up from the iStore. It basically allows you to search up to 9 people simultaneously on any of the big poker sites. Brings back all their SNG/MTT history. I've found it pretty useful so far seeing as I'm a massive MTT player.

Don't see why sites like haven't done something similar. Anyways, app is called PokerStats101 as far as I'm aware it's just been released.
03-26-2010 , 02:34 PM
massive like 23st ?
03-26-2010 , 03:05 PM
Que? I was curious as to whether anyone else had it also. I had never heard anything about until I was browsing Poker Apps. It's been really helpful so far, bit of a dark horse as far as poker utilities go.
03-26-2010 , 04:59 PM
Search for "Poker Stats 101" in the App Store if you want to find it. Looks like it is $4.99
03-26-2010 , 05:34 PM
why in the world would this be useful? why would u need to search people when ur not at ur computer playing?
03-26-2010 , 05:38 PM
I only use it because OPR etc only lets you search 1 dude at a time. Sometimes it's convenient to search more. I can imagine it being more useful for the iPad but it still does the trick.
03-26-2010 , 06:15 PM
so are you massive at like 23stones or are you even more massive than that at like 27stones ?
03-26-2010 , 06:21 PM
pates11380 - 13st
03-28-2010 , 06:11 AM lets you do the same thing for free.
03-28-2010 , 06:21 AM
searching 9 people at once would definately be useful for all the SNG grinders i suppose
03-28-2010 , 08:12 AM
Originally Posted by jsmanuel Multi-player Search iPhone App lets you do the same thing for free.
1st post and you get away with that? I did have a check though and I couldn't see any multi-search function. Will stick to this app for now, I can imagine it being really handy on the iPad when it's finally released.
04-01-2010 , 09:17 AM
Hmm, just purchased this for sngos, works really well to be honest.

It's only $5 too, I was prepared to take a hit if it was ****, but it's actually pretty decent.