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Re: Marc Wright aka dean23price still scamming July 2012

Originally Posted by leaveurmomscellar View Post
"Marc i really don't care much about what's happened but you owe a friend of mine some money, she is not a poker player, she can not afford to go without this money for as long as the tournament regs, i hope you do the right thing and get her money back to her ASAP. It's not a lot but its a lot to her."

don't know anything about the situation in general so don't want to jump to conclusions but this part does present me with one question......... why in God's name would you lend a professional gambler money that is 'a lot' to you, that you need back ASAP and can't go without for long? I mean, have some common sense..If I've got rent to pay or food to buy soon I ain't lending the cash to some guy to play poker with, even if its Phil Ivey.
To be fair some of them can be very convincing that they're very rich and only need the money for a day or two or whatever.

About 8 years ago I lent 25% of my bankroll (I'd just turned pro) to a name player who i'd seen regularly playing 10ks for years 'until tomorrow'. I was convinced this person was a millionaire due to both their statements and history of results plus the fact they'd literally been playing a full schedule at the series in question, and we were sort of friends in that we hung out at the casino from time to time so I believed that he only needed the money until the next day. That turned out to be 5 years and me having to follow him to the cage after a score to get paid. I was obviously lucky to get paid back at all.

Lesson learned, unless you're very familiar with a poker player's financial position, just because they have seven figures in live scores does't mean they're not broke
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Re: Marc Wright aka dean23price still scamming July 2012

this thread is strange because most of the poker scams are scenarios where you cant squeeze blood from a stone but in this one the guy seems to have some money and still won't pay. if what the op says is all true then this guy is a bigger scum then the regular busto degen scammers because he really doesn't need the money he's just walking you because he can!
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