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Just wondering how things changed? Just wondering how things changed?

09-24-2015 , 07:40 AM
Hi how are you all doing?!
I'm not a frequent visitor of this forum, but every time i get back to a "little" grinding i make sure to check out this forum.

Years ago i got introduced into the SNG MTT's and joined a Skype group to talk hands with. IT helped me a lot to improve.
Also i met a cool dude around that time with the name of "Semesa1" who played a ton of 180's. Not sure what happened to his poker career nor Bogan4life who also was in that Skype group at first. I only read here on 2+2 some negative posts about Bogan4life. Im not fully aware of the issue going on.

Semesa was a cool dude. He helped some guys in the Skype group with their game when he crushed the 180's. I also got some feedback on my game from him.

My main games are SNG/MTT's and micro stakes MTT's.
I always keep track on the leaderboards on Sharkscope to see who are dominating the stakes when i play.

Today i decided to look up some statistics from "back in tha day" when the SNG 180' man turbos really paid off.
It was around 2011.
There are some players on the leaderboard who crushed those games for some time. When i look to the years after 2011 till 2015 ( today ) i don't see most names coming back or i see them losing?!

The player that absolutely stands out in a positive light is "Jabracada", who continued to crush the games and moved up in stakes while the games are getting harder.

Did a lot of topregs from back in tha day quit?
Or did they continue with a "new name" ?

Goodluck at the tables !
09-24-2015 , 07:48 AM
Originally Posted by MrKel Just wondering how things changed?
Did a lot of topregs from back in tha day quit?
Or did they continue with a "new name" ?
Black Friday happened which shut out a very large part of the online poker market?

09-24-2015 , 08:33 AM

I'm wonderful, cheers for asking.

Are you really asking NVG what happened to micro stakes mtt and sng players from 5 years ago?

Also there is a where they now thread floating around NVG somewhere, should be on one of the first few pages it was on the 1st page a few days ago
09-24-2015 , 09:01 AM

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09-24-2015 , 09:32 AM

Party at the DOJ indeed