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Ivey/Blom @ WSOPE 2010 Main Event (aka "official" thread) Ivey/Blom @ WSOPE 2010 Main Event (aka "official" thread)

09-26-2010 , 12:29 PM
Originally Posted by Dirt Diggler
no wait, these are gettin boring and most are rubbish, this included
beat, clicked and watched link cus i thought it was gold...only after watching it for two mins and being like yawn did i click your spolier :/
09-26-2010 , 12:29 PM
ppl who said blom is out when he wasnt srlsly need to be ip banned, like no joke
09-26-2010 , 12:30 PM
Half an hour without an update...
09-26-2010 , 12:31 PM
updates stopped because bubble has broke and they're on a break or what?
09-26-2010 , 12:31 PM
Oh wait I was on the wrong page. Heh.
09-26-2010 , 12:32 PM
Theyre doing a redraw yes.
09-26-2010 , 12:32 PM
35 left average chip count 300k
09-26-2010 , 12:33 PM
20 min without any news PokerNEws?^?
09-26-2010 , 12:35 PM
poor chip count updates

and update said ivey has 615k but the chip counts page has him at 455k and hasnt changed in ages...
09-26-2010 , 12:35 PM
another big tournament with Clockwyze leading.....
09-26-2010 , 12:37 PM
Yes they're on break.
09-26-2010 , 12:38 PM
I wanna see Gussy win his first bracelet tonight.
09-26-2010 , 12:39 PM
5th Ivey 530,000 +75,000

8th Blom 387,000 -63,000
09-26-2010 , 12:41 PM
gogogo ivey
09-26-2010 , 12:43 PM
ye, if you dont fanboy ivey nor blom dont bother tell us ? It is their thread... so take your haterade somewhere else.
09-26-2010 , 12:45 PM
Do they play down to 27 tonight?
09-26-2010 , 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by Isitdur?
Do they play down to 27 tonight?
yes 35 left so only 8 more bustos
09-26-2010 , 12:54 PM
BJ Nemeth
Nicolas Levi just doubled thru Isildur w/ QQ vs JJ. That cut Isildur's stack in half, but he still has 42 bb.
2 minutes ago
09-26-2010 , 12:57 PM
bah, you actually had time to quote me,... oh well .
09-26-2010 , 12:59 PM
Originally Posted by modchop
So Luckyjim writes Isildur1's blog?
yes, and some of them are pretty good.
09-26-2010 , 12:59 PM
second time levi doubles through isildur
09-26-2010 , 01:02 PM
That idiot with the fake updates is gone now so carry on.
09-26-2010 , 01:02 PM
Originally Posted by Tirppa
Sure its immature but you do know you can ignore the idiots and read about updates only at Stop feeding the trolls. Though the super admiring fan posts kinda keeps them coming.
...and you can ignore the fan posts. But you can't troll the people you don't like or lie or try to derail threads or otherwise stop them from having their conversation.
09-26-2010 , 01:05 PM
QQ vs JJ is real, sadly..
09-26-2010 , 01:06 PM