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Durrrr hand Questioned...Why? Durrrr hand Questioned...Why?

10-05-2010 , 11:08 AM
How this conversation even happened.
harrington is a damn good PLO player,i am sure he was just joking around
+1 to those who say its standard flat.Why in the world i should raise that river?(Unless villain is a superagrodonk and we have "history" and based on that we can make a raise).
Durrrr hand Questioned...Why? Quote
10-05-2010 , 11:49 AM
There's nothing sketchy about calling with the 3rd nuts on the river. Now if he just called with the stone cold nuts then he should definitely be issued a penalty, period.
Durrrr hand Questioned...Why? Quote
10-05-2010 , 11:52 AM
Originally Posted by pineapple888
You meant a "better" hand fold, as I'm sure you realize...
Yeah, typo. Thanks.
Durrrr hand Questioned...Why? Quote
10-05-2010 , 01:38 PM
lol every omaha pro in this thread says the call is completely standard because it is

the most basic poker 101 principle here is that raising is only profitable when worse hands will call or better hands will fold, and neither of that is happening here in this spot.

Originally Posted by iggymcfly
+1. I wouldn't raise this river against any semi-decent reg. I mean WTF is he supposed to be getting value from? T9's the only hand that's even remotely plausible to call with and it's going to fold the river a decent amount, not even to mention the fact that most T9 combos probably check turn too.
Durrrr hand Questioned...Why? Quote
10-05-2010 , 05:06 PM
maybe his ego cant take that play maybe hes realizing he is not in that league yet
Durrrr hand Questioned...Why? Quote
10-05-2010 , 08:35 PM
Originally Posted by ArcadianSky
I would think harrington25 is pretty darn qualified to comment on the hand. If it were "standard", that log wouldn't exist, nor would this thread.
ummm the ONLY reason that log and this thread exist is because of what HARRINGTON SAID.
Durrrr hand Questioned...Why? Quote
10-06-2010 , 12:36 AM
Yeah Tom superused himself to -700k vs jungleman
Durrrr hand Questioned...Why? Quote