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Re: Civility at the poker table (catch all)

people will keep doing what Kassouf does until they lose some teeth, from one guy who doesn't care what the cards are anymore.

you cant have the floor policing speech unless someone is way over the top or there is only 1 table in the place. at borg there is one guy who is racist as f, and needles.. saying awful things. im not a reg but ive seen floor say whats up to him laughing. ive played at borg maybe 9 times and he was there, so reg. he seriously goes for jugular in rude as hell comments. as per topic, i dont believe anyone cares to stop him, or there should be any rule. i do think one day he will pay a price for it.

i dont think Kassouf is the super smart villain people make him out to be, seems bipolar imo. racing mind, cant stop. ive seen interviews with him, speaking a mile a min and cant stay on topic.
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Re: Civility at the poker table (catch all)

Originally Posted by arcdog View Post
You are the mouth breather that called a player an SJW for suggesting forward motion with chips should be considered a call, so your awareness of what you are even talking about is suspect.

You also didn't realize how the UIGEA was passed, that it was a rider on a port security bill that was deviously put in by Bill Frist as an offering to his social conservative base in advance of what would be a failed 2008 GOP Presidential run. You seemed to think it was passed after Congressional debate on the topic - that never happened. You wanted so bad to blame Democrats for our lack of online poker, all the while oblivious to the fact that it is mostly the Sheldon Adelsons and Steve Wynns (close friends and supporters of Trump) along with social conservative nutbags who believe in Noah's Ark and people living to 900 years old, who are responsible for you and I being unable to play on PokerStars.

If you could drop your "liberals are the worst" mindset and see issues individually for what they are, you might have better informed opinions on some of them.
Originally Posted by TheFly View Post
In between your digs at conservatives, you may have actually had a point or two, but failed miserably at the end of your post.

Online poker disappeared for one reason only, Barack Obama's DOJ, led by Eric Holder and executed by Preet Bharara, decided to indict the owners of the main online poker sites.

Nice revisionist history to try to claim Republicans killed it, that's a good one!

Both of these posts have some true facts. But that is the end of political references in this thread. We have a politics forum for that. You have both had your say. We are trying to keep NVG, within reasonability, a politics free zone.
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