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Group scammed nearly $500,000 - UPDATE: RESOLVED TO OP'S SATISFACTION

My name is Marc Klang. I’m not perfect. I am a 30 year old degenerate, 13 years of gambling, never won in poker. Previous known scum bag – I’ve borrowed and taken forever to repay, welched on sports bets, etc. Always gambling related. In the last 2-3 years I’ve started working corporate jobs with good salary and had a pretty stable time. Banned myself from the Hardrock here (no other place has table games) and forced to play in smaller card rooms. I have a positive track record and no problems over the last 2 years minimum playing in the biggest games that run locally. Also have built my credit up so well that the game is now willing to lend me up to 10k or so each game. We play Tuesdays and Fridays and every time I’ve been lent money the entire amount I paid back on the next session.

Villians: Paul (Zima421), John Racener, Justin Zaki, Fillip Khavin, and some local named Anthony “starfish”

So I have had exactly 2 winning poker session in the last year. I keep mentioning that I want to play blackjack but can’t because I’m banned from Hardrock. Paul backs 1 guy in our game, Filip . (it’s called private game, but played at the card room) it’s a 5/10/25 game, uncapped. They always jokingly reply “buddy whenever you want to play blackjack let me know, we can go and we can play.” Finally I get tired of hearing it, I ask if they’re for real they said yes. I order off amazon 12 decks of cards, a shoe, and the green blackjack felt.

This all starts back in August/September –

The first time we play I bring about 12k cash. Lose it all. Go Home.

After losing, i ask about getting some comps, he says sure so he says i can have some of his liquor. I take shots of Louis XIII and get random things at his house as comps. We schedule the next time to play. I go again, this time myself. I win about 10 of first 12 hands, make 10,500 and tell him I’m done. He drives me to the weekly game at derby lane. Tells the game they’re welcome, and I blast off all 10k in hours. On the drive to derby, Paul reveals that he had a partner chopping with him that’s out of town, so he doesn’t care that much that he lost – but won’t tell me who it was.

About a week later we schedule the next session. Paul, Justin and I go out for lunch before. At lunch, Justin ask Paul for 10% - Paul doesn’t care, so Justin has 10%. We go back to Pauls house. I have about 20k on me. We start playing and I’m losing, quickly. At this point, Fillip arrives – this guy is backed by Paul for all poker and I considered him a friend. Well, he’s cheering me on etc. I go broke. I borrow 1k from Justin, 1k from Fil and 4k from Paul. I take this 6k and start blasting and running it up. When I’m up about 20k, fil starts to lay on the couch. At this point I learn Fil also had 10%. Paul is live chatting to this “partner” on facebook or some other app on his ipad giving him the play by play but doesn’t tell me who it is, only that they’re chopping. Well I run it up huge, and stop when my chips get over 100k. After paying everyone back and getting my buyin back, I’m up 84,000.

Take Thursday off for Jewish Holiday

Friday – we agree to play. Paul texts me a random address in Tampa to go to , I stop at derby lane, leave my ipad, a jacket and a min buy, so if anyone walks by the guy running the game can say “crazy marc” is there. I go to the address, and John answers and goes “surprise” I’m the partner. Also, they tell me this guys Anthony “starfish” has a piece. I’m like whatever. We start playing. At first I’m losing, and losing fast. I had bought in for the entire 84k I was up at one point, and I had a large double down, where if I lost, I would be down to 1400. I win that and it starts to turn around. They are switching dealers, at some points the other guys started playing, jumping in and out etc – looks like they were trying to “change things up”. It doesn’t matter – no matter who sits where, who deals etc I keep winning. I am drinking and doing cocaine this entire timing, playing on repeat the song “ yayo” I hit a big hand, count chips, up another 100k and stop. I tell them I’m going to derby to see my friends , take a break etc finally they say ok, we’ll drive you there. SO we go down the road to derby, Paul stays at John’s house. While at derby for about an hour I’m prop betting w/ (and his friend zani) on flops and doing flips etc. I think I beat him out of another 15-20k, all on paper.

I tell them I don’t really want to play, they said no come on, so eventually i agree. So I had them go out, buy 2 bottles of vevue, some macallan 18, and $600 worth of sushi. We go back to his house. At this time my buddy Patrick is with us, paul , john, starfish, Justin comes too. John’s friend comes with a bottle of dom and goose. I start drinking. Still same song on repeat. I win another 107k, same antics as before with everyone jumping in and out, different dealers, on my left, right etc.

Everyone quits. They offer me a buy out of about 50% right now cash ( 135k I believe) and I go home. I tell them no, I don’t mind losing but I want all my money. So we relax, john and I start shooting basketballs for like 1-5k, beer pong for my 6k to john’s 5k. he beats me twice. So I think I knocked about 15k off the tab. I’m like, ok, want to play 1 last one. John texts everyone, because all that’s left is john me my buddy and his 2 buddies. Well one of his buddies Zani, an Albanian kid was like marc let me buy 10%. I wasn’t too happy about it, but wtf why not. Everyone agrees, we play again. I get down about 55k off the bat, but wind up coming all the way back and winning 207,000 this shoe. It finally happened, I win just under 500k.

I let them breathe Saturday and text them all Sunday. -crickets- Monday finally, they text me saying lets all meet at get a way, a restaurant near derby tomorrow to talk. I bring a big ass duffle bag and walk over to say hi and this guy I never see says “you cheated, you aren’t getting paid, turn around, go home and never talk to anyone again” I start screaming etc asking what’s going on – Paul says they know I cheated and they’re not paying me. And they all leave.

Anyway after a few days the whole poker gossip circle in town is talking about it, they call me 1 by 1, they apologize for how things have went. Said that they were listing to the wrong people. But they still believe I cheated using some crazy device. They said they need to order the device have an investigation etc, but as long as I didn’t cheat they would pay me. I told them they have 2 weeks to investigate, but I want all of my money or nothing, no ****ing buy outs or bull**** . i went to Jacksonville for the WPT and I wind up blowing my whole roll there playing 50/100/200 PLO thinking that I had over 500k coming my way. Up until this point I have considered all of these guys friends, I was on his rail when john final tabled and his friends stayed in my 3 comped Bellagio rooms durings the last day in July.

Time passes and they never order the device. I eventually squeeze out ~9k each from Fil and Justin, 20k from Paul and 4k from John.

MOD EDIT: This thread is now unreadable for mods, and perhaps others, due to the number of deleted posts - since mods can still see a single line that says something to the effect of "Post Deleted" for every one of 3,000+ posts, it seems the server chokes on the request to view the thread. As a result, I've created a copy of the first post in a new thread:

For the purposes of allowing OP & Zima to post updates, and I will be posting something at the end as well. For the time being, I'm keeping this thread alive so 2+2 members' thread subscription links & links from other sites aren't broken.

Last edited by Bobo Fett; 04-03-2017 at 06:59 AM. Reason: As per agreement between OP and Zima.
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