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Re: *** Poker Refugees / OFFICIAL Player Relocation Thread ***

I believe this is the post he's referring to:

Thailand Baby

Two weeks ago i moved to Thailand. It wasn't easy at start to move in especially when everything is settled through internet and you pick agent to do that for you. To help us with everything we picked PokerRefugees. We paid them 4-5 months before we moved to Thailand so there is no problem with picking the right house. Our agent started to work like 1.5 months before we moved, we couldn't find any villa for 4-5 weeks. Few days before flight we started to feel time pressure that we got to find something - finally we had 'perfect place for us', back than we didn't knew what's comming and we though that's the one. Kristin said us that we should signup the contract ASAP and everything is fine, all what we expect is there. Since we were in rush (one week left) house looked great and we were assured that all our expectations are metwe decided to sign the contract.

We asked for few things which were important to us before we move in like high internet speed connection preferably with 4 different modems, good neighberhood with close distance to the amenities and beach. Didn't happen.

She promissed us as well to negotiate price as low as possible. From other agent from who she rented our house we get info that actually she wanted markup for helping him with renting the house. Not sure who lied (PokerRefugees or other agent) doesn't matter now. The thing is that she can say to you guys that everything is perfect and everything what you want is around but she can't know for 100% since she's not there and obviously she's not a prohpet. So yeah. we ****ed up by choosing her and blindly beliving that since they helped so many people it will be easy for us as well.

Why do i write about this ? Because it was really pricey lesson for us and maybe some of you will make it smarter than we did. For sure it will save you many troubles, nerves, money and time. If you think about using their service my advice is to don't do that - you can do it way better if you go to a location of a place where you want to live. If you want to be really happy with your choice this is what i suggest:

Rent a house from AirBnB or maybe just a hotel for one week as your starting base and just travel from one to the other agency. Check as many houses as possible, the more you see the more possibilities you got ( it's also easier to negotiate price when you got lots of different choices ).
This way you will be sure that house is matching your expectations, you can see neighborhood and everything what is important to you.

Of course at the end we are the one who signed up contract and we are the only ones to blame. Anyway PokerRefugees- Honestly I don't recommend

At the end we're happy with place which we found by ourselves. Kinda runner runner in poker We met lots of great people on our way and they helped us a lot - we are greatfull for that.
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Re: *** Poker Refugees / OFFICIAL Player Relocation Thread ***


Cant find the answer I need anywhere so sorry if this is out of place. If im traveling abroad for a short period of time is it unlikely ill be able to play on Stars/party/GG/ etc. Ill be in Taiwan, I havent had an account on any of these sites and have been stoked to finally play them but not sure how i can deposit and stuff. Please PM me for info or tips
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Re: *** Poker Refugees / OFFICIAL Player Relocation Thread ***

Im a danish poker player, and I would like to move to a tax friendly country in Latin America. Paraguay and Panama seems nice: Panama is a member of the CRS, but does not charge foreign wealth/income, so that does not matter. Paraguay does none of it, so that seems to be the best/easiest option - but its a pain in the a** to find a lawyer who answers within I may have to go there to find out. Any ideas, people? Costa Rica like an option as well?
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