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Mike Haven
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OFFICIAL THREADS - Starting a Thread? Looking for one? Read this first for Rules+Links ▓▒░

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-- P2P transfers: CHAT and INFO thread

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-- BETFAIR Official Poker Thread
-- rake-free poker
-- BODOG Official Support Thread
-- BODOG Payout Thread for US players
-- BOVADA Unofficial Thread
-- CAKE Poker / CAKE Feedback Thread
-- Is CAKE Down?
-- CARBON POKER Official Thread
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-- Battlefield Poker and 27 other Microgaming skins to close?

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IF YOU ASK A STUPID QUESTION YOU WILL GET A STUPID ANSWER. Sometimes dozens of them. By that logic, if you get dozens of stupid answers to your question, your question was stupid. Everyone asks dumb questions, so don't take it personally. Think of it as a learning experience and do better next time. One way to lessen the humiliation is to follow the next suggestion for The Zoo...

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Originally Posted by Mike Haven View Post
RE: Posters trying to SELL or TRADE US-based FT, PS, UB or AP accounts

We all understand and sympathize with your anger and frustration over recent events and the alleged lack of responsibility displayed by certain poker sites when given the opportunity to release players' own funds back to them.

Unfortunately, attempting to sell or trade these accounts is completely against all rules. Those buying are taking a huge risk and those selling are often offering full access to an account registered to them.
Very risky considering illegal or fraudulent activity could then be done with an account registered in their name.

2+2 transfer threads are meant for trading legitimate funds by active players with active, accessible funds in their own registered accounts.
They are not for selling accounts in any dubious and unsafe manner.

Expect to receive penalties and/or post deletions if you do post such offers.



Whilst reader to reader p2p transfers are neither desired nor approved in any way by Twoplustwo, realistically, they are a part of this internet forum.
They must be kept in the Person to person transfers thread.
(see "warning" below)

Any transfer request posts outside this thread (or any other type of transaction, especially attempts to sell pre-paid/gift cards) will probably be deleted upon sight by a moderator, and you will probably receive an infraction or temp-ban.


"Let the Buyer Beware":

Any transfers of funds arranged with other forum readers are made entirely at your own risk, and Twoplustwo takes no responsibility whatsoever for the success or otherwise of such arrangements. From your own point of view, you should obtain the other party's real name and address and try to obtain references and any other relevant information before transferring your funds, preferably in sums which you can afford to lose if you fall victim to a scam.


January 2012 makeover and update performed by Rainbow Warrior. Suggestions/corrections welcome.


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Making TV
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Re: 2012 OFFICIAL THREADS - Starting a Thread? Looking for one? Read this first for Rules+Links

THe old Lock forum is getting removed from the list of Zoo sub-forums but can still be accessed from its old link:
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Mike Haven
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Re: OFFICIAL THREADS - Starting a Thread? Looking for one? Read this first for Rules+Links ▓▒░

Poker Room Reps:




Betcoin Poker

BetOnline Mike

Big Ugly Greg


Coral Poker
Coral Poker Dan

Global Poker

Grand Poker


IDN Poker


Juicy Stakes


PokerMania Rep

Party_Rep = pokerColette
OurSurveySays ( = Patrick Leonard, Ambassador)

PokerStars Dylan
PS Game Integrity

PokerStars NJ
PokerStars Dylan

RunItOnce Nick
Phil Galfond


Virtue Poker
Virtue Poker

Winning Poker Network

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happy to be hear
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The IP Site Information Directory

Do any of these things apply to you?

You were banned?
You need to talk to a site's regulatory body?
Did a site stop responding to you?
Do you have a question for an odd department?
Did you have your account hacked into?
Banned for life as a problem gambler?
Temporarily banned for knowing someone that owes the site money?
Can't find the correct email address to write to?
Can't get a reply to your emails?
Your check didn't arrive on time?
Your crypto-currency didn't arrive on time?
Were you accused of:
having multiple accounts?
operating a bot?
underage play?

You searched Internet Poker (IP) but didn't find a thread that dealt with your situation, and you need to know more information to get in touch with the right person or department?

This is the post for you, but it is going to take your help to make it useful. Any info will help, especially on a small site or a site with multiple skins.

If you take the time to look up an email address to a specific department, or find a site's regulatory body, etc, then can you please come here and leave that information so the next guy doesn't need to search for as long as you did?

This is the type of info we need; along with anything you feel will help for any particular site

The site's name
The website to read FAQ & TOS
Support's email address
Security's email address
Email addresses of other departments
Support's live chat page
The site's formal complaints procedure
The site's regulatory body
The regulatory body's contact information

Now, please, we need your help with the dozens of poker sites that 2+2ers play at by your adding information to the open thread at

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