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Re: I suspect Pitbull Poker has superusers!

Originally Posted by PB_Former_Employee View Post
The whereabouts of these guys is unknown, they were charged by the employees (cause they took off owing us money) but never prosecuted, jailed or fined.

There were a lot of small sites involved. For example, the players from at least 4 different sites play at the same tables. I do not really know if they knew what was happening at pitbull poker so i will not mention any poker site names. Funny thing is that some of the best prop players were still difficult to take money from, even when we were able to see the cards. Some of them were respected and feared, LOL.

It is hard to say how many people lost their money, but there were people with some good money in their accounts, you know, for a small site.

That party is a company's party, for the whole crew. I do not know how many people have the pictures, i guess many.

Phewww many questions, anyway, some privileged accounts created in there were the ones good for you to see the cards. If you logged in with one of the accounts you were able to see the cards, but that only worked in the company, if you tried to log in from outside, it did not work. I guess it has something to do with the ip addresses or network stuff, I do not really know.

What I know is that they changed names every now and then, and you usually had 2-3 accounts and you had to use them all during your shift. I mean play a couple hours with one of them, then switch to another and so on....

Well, after the problems started to arise, they decided to eliminate the superusers. Pretty stupid idea since nobody in there really knew how to play good poker, despite of what they thought. And they started losing lots of money of course. And the bosses were filling up the accounts with more and more fake money which was also a pretty stupid idea. It was the start of the fall down.

Anyway, there were a lot of bad planning and administration going on in there, and sooner or later they were going to experience the fact that there were more pay out requests than they could handle. Of course, customers were trying to cash out money that they did not have...................

THis is amazing if true.
Thanks for bumping.
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