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Old 06-12-2020, 12:15 PM   #176
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Re: [Ex-official] CoinPoker - Bringing the Game Back to Players

Recent updates to CoinPoker have improved withdrawals massively and the number of players at higher stakes seems to have improved as well. Slowly but surely we are making progress here. At virtually any point in time, whenever we can convince them pretty much which likely will eventually happen, they can reduce the number of outstanding and total coins by 25%-75% over the course of a few months, perhaps on and off. All they need to do is allocate more than 10% of community collections to the burn like they were originally doing. I understand and can even support the growth initiatives (some of them anyway,) as monthly expenditures are all listed on the site for transparency (finally!) Still waiting on rakeback but things have been improving fairly steadily and I expect that over the next few years the price of the coin and the overall site volume/play volume will go up. They've improved quite a bit even in the past few months, but I still expect them to continue making improvements and eventually drive up the price of CHP by burning a large portion of community contributions for a small period of time. They collected nearly 25M last month, 2.2M were burned with the rest used for growth initiatives and back to the community through the leaderboard.

So as you can see, in 9-10 months total they could burn the total amount of coins to 1-10M in total from the current amount of 271.1M outstanding and a Total Supply of 285,744,172 CHP. Let's say they want to be really conservative and continue community collections in near full. Over the next 3 years they could set aside 3 months each year, spread 3-4 months apart (with a 50-100 person leaderboard paid out to whoever burns the most during each 1 month period,) where community contributions are 90%-95% burned which would drive the price up MASSIVELY for just a few months of community contributions set at 90-95% burn rate.

this month:

grinders leaderboard:

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Re: [Ex-official] CoinPoker - Bringing the Game Back to Players

I wanted to try crypto poker and landed on coinpoker and everything worked just fine. Software itself is very good. Smooth, no lags. Creating an account was done in few minutes. Nice low rake. Only thing I would like to see is that I can play in big blinds instead of CHP.
Deposit and withdrawal worked fine too. For crypto newbies like me the youtube tutorial how to deposit is great.

Downside is missing traffic and thereby the missing rec players. I guess crypto has to really hit the mainsteam before that will change.
And if the telegram scamms are a known problem, then they should just get rid of the telegram support. I wrote an email to support over the poker client and had an answer in a couple of hours.
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Re: [Ex-official] CoinPoker - Bringing the Game Back to Players

Originally Posted by YourMother66 View Post
Downside is missing traffic and thereby the missing rec players. I guess crypto has to really hit the mainsteam before that will change.

Missing recs? I thought this site was super duper soft. I only play 5/10 (more like 12.5NL) and yes there are a few regs, they are like recreational regs, they play a tight ABC strategy that is super exploitable.

The traffic sucks, the tournament structure is wack, but the rake is low and the cash games are easy.
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Originally Posted by WinR8 View Post
The reason it's going up is because of the buyback community contributions deal that I recommended they setup in order to basically save them and it has.

Current monthly burn count:

The price will continue to go up now for years. That's assuming stagnant growth and assuming that players continue to play on the site... at least without losing a ton of them. Right now we are averaging aprox. 6mil-7mil per month in burned CHP and 1-2mil (closer to the midpoint of each currently, on avg.. so ~6.5 and ~1.5) that's collected as 25% of the community contributions to eventually be given back to the players and/or grow the community and attract marketing partners, etc.

They already have... after just 3-3.5 months of community contributions... oh, I don't know, maybe ~19M burned (not sure if that would be including the current burn count for this month or not...) and ~5 mil saved up to be given back to the players and/or attract marketing partners and new players.

I'm anxious to find out what they're going to do with the smaller 25% part of the community funds and I'm hopeful they will initiate a cash game player rewards system. Cash game players contribute a lot more to the monthly burn and community collections than do MTT players yet MTT players are currently seeing a much great reward system.

They did actually say they are working on implementing rewards for cash game players. I hope it's good and I hope it's soon. It will also very much encourage players (even losing players like me right now,) to keep playing on the site.

Lately though, CoinPoker ...we've been growing massively.

Every time I login now there's more people on and like a ton of tables going. WHat's also good about that is not only does it help the community thrive but because of the way the buyback works... quite literally, the more people playing, the more CHP is going to be worth because more tokens will be burned. It doesn't take a ton of difficult math (we are on a poker site after all) to figure out the amazing economics behind the current token burn situation. It also has a direct correlation to the price beginning to go up just like I informed management that it would. I was pushing for this for months before they finally released it but wow it's done wonders for the site and it really should only continue to get better. It's certainly showing no signs of slowing down it's growth at the moment... quite the contrary, in fact.

Originally Posted by thor1rj View Post
Hello everyone

I never thought had to make thread in regards this depsoits they refusing to pay which even have pay more than twice

To begin with i make small deposit of 0.37 eth on coinpoker from coinbase which restricted they say funds are lost okay my mistake so i ask what to do ..

Now a support guy called tells me deposit same amount to different adress which he specifik gives me in telegram chat .. Alrighty i think ill try do to save my 0.37 eth so i make another desposit he says it just has to be same amount or larger doesnt matter ill get refunded it so deposit 0.38 eth from privat wallet not exchange ... its gets confirmed now the crazy part starts he now tells that it had sent from coinbase to activate adress which is totally nonsens for me and that it cannot wotk this way hmmm i amconfused..

Now he tells me i have to make another deposit to his specifik adress that cover the otherones so i make another desposit 0.78 eth from coinbase to this adress and think everthing will be ok.. Now he tellls me this:

Rainer, [01.04.20 02:21]
Congratulations, you are indeed very lucky. The internal team has picked you and decided to compensate you with 200% bonus. In order to redeem this reward, you need to make a minimum investment of $7.53 ETH and you will receive the 200% bonus immediately. You have to select one of the options below that suits you (1) Make a fresh 7.53 ETH deposit (2) Balance up minus your pended transaction. If balancing up it means you are to make new deposit of 5.978 ETH. Once you select of the plans above and make the deposit, you will receive 200% bonus immediately and be able to withdraw to your desired wallet or play games with it immediately.


Now i get really suspicious and dont pay more i just wanna if anyone else had same or can help this problem ..

It's a telegram scammer not the real coinpoker

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