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Any problems with checks deposited via ATM?

Okay, so all the problems reported with banks so far have been with either wire transfers (usually on the large side), or with checks deposited in person at a bank (again, usually on the large side). It seems that the problems with checks have always been a result of a nosy teller or a bank employee who thinks a check looks fishy.

However, there have been no reported problems with any checks deposited via ATM.

So, have any of you ever had a problem when depositing a check through an ATM? Please report your case here if you have. Mentioning bank names would be helpful, but if you don't want to divulge that information that's okay, but it's important that people be aware of these stories if they do indeed exist.
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Re: Any problems with checks deposited via ATM?

checks have never been a problem for me

i read somewhere that due to the impracticality of tracking the source of all paper checks banks are exempt under UIGEA regs from having to block them
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