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Fishtankz 03-11-2013 12:20 PM

888 poker status points
I was looking at HEM2 get-it-free offer for 888 poker.
You have to grind 75 status points to get the product.
How easy it is to get status points? What's the "system" behind it?

Haterick 03-11-2013 06:03 PM

Re: 888 poker status points
I'm pretty sure you earn 2 status points for every $ paid in rake so you would have to rake $37.5 to get the 75 points.

888's VIP program is terrible

MomWasRight 03-11-2013 06:15 PM

Re: 888 poker status points
You will actually get there really quick, because rake at 888 is almost twice as high as other sites.

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