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Obvious collusion or other shenanigans on WPN Obvious collusion or other shenanigans on WPN

10-28-2021 , 11:00 AM
Hm, ever thought about Pokertracker doesnt track right (prob the rake), if you do import minned hands?
Obvious collusion or other shenanigans on WPN Quote
10-29-2021 , 02:03 AM
Hey OP! Thanks for sharing!

I'm using H2N and PT4 and they both struggle with ACR hands. They especially struggle with RIT. And RIT is pretty likely to happen for hands where Won$ and adjWon$ are different.

My friend says that he uses HM3 and it is doing fine. So if you have sample or can get it please plug it into HM3. And share the results.

If the anomaly will still be present pls consider sharing your sample with me. I can try to write a script to see who they are colluding with. In case it matters.

What do you think about Jaznins info? It indicates that your sample can be heavily filtered.

PS: Don't trust me I'm Russian.
PPS: I'm also a Jew. Maybe we finally found the context where this makes me more trustworthy. Debatably.

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Obvious collusion or other shenanigans on WPN Quote
11-08-2021 , 11:55 PM
Originally Posted by CallForRedline
Pretty much any of the monthly updates he posts will show the phenomenon I'm talking about, but for example take this post:

Notice how the EV and actual results lines start to diverge most during the stretches with sharp downwards trends, which are when Paisting goes on monkey tilt and open jams any two cards preflop for hours at a time. Several people, including me, have tried to explain to Paisting why PokerTracker shows him running so far below EV, with little success. See these posts:

I'm sure there are plenty of others if you search further back in the thread.
I'm confused by how this works.
Why is a hand where Paisting gets all in more likely than average to feature dead low cards?
Taken to the extreme, if there are way more low cards than usual among hands, Paisting is unlikely to get to showdown at all.
So wouldn't it be the reverse effect if anything?
Obvious collusion or other shenanigans on WPN Quote
11-09-2021 , 02:19 AM
I got 3bet with AKo and then shoved 3 ways on the flop with 2 AKo airs by a really aggro player. the 2 villains were from the US

clear collusion cheating?
Obvious collusion or other shenanigans on WPN Quote
11-09-2021 , 03:07 AM
and then both players left at about the same time
Obvious collusion or other shenanigans on WPN Quote
12-24-2021 , 09:28 PM
    Yatahay Network - $0.25 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 5 players
    Hand converted by Holdem Manager 3

    CO: $70.37 (281.5 bb)
    BTN: $38.85 (155.4 bb)
    SB: $33.51 (134 bb)
    BB: $25.00 (100 bb)
    Hero (UTG): $25.35 (101.4 bb)

    SB posts $0.10, BB posts $0.25

    Pre Flop: (pot: $0.35) Hero has
    Hero raises to $0.55, CO raises to $2.00, BTN calls $2.00, 2 folds, Hero raises to $6.00, CO calls $4.00, BTN raises to $38.85 and is all-in, Hero folds, CO calls $32.85

    Flop: ($84.05, 2 players) 8 5 J

    Turn: ($84.05, 2 players) 3

    River: ($84.05, 2 players) 7

    Results: $84.05 pot ($2.76 rake)
    Final Board: 8 5 J 3 7

    CO shows A K: (High Card, Ace)
    (Pre 55%, Flop 52%, Turn 69%)

    BTN shows T 9: (Straight, Jack High)
    (Pre 45%, Flop 48%, Turn 31%)

    BTN wins $81.05

    This is the kind of thing I see on a regular basis from Russian / Eastern Euro players ... both of these are regs. aecktan (CO) and Umbiass (BTN). I cannot think of a reason to flat T9s in this situation and then shove other than if you want to scare the original raiser out of the pot.

    Their combined equity is around 62% vs a range of AQ+,TT+ if you consider BTN has only T9s ... it's even worse if you give CO/BTN a stronger range.

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    Obvious collusion or other shenanigans on WPN Quote
    12-30-2021 , 09:27 AM

    Absolutely hilarious from a suspected bot who never plays in the free ticket tours from the leaderboards and plays 30/21, broken bot or? I checked the river and the bot checks back a full house.
    Obvious collusion or other shenanigans on WPN Quote
    06-20-2022 , 06:08 PM
    Originally Posted by MicroDonkYT
    Here's some pretty obvious graphs of people colluding on WPN:

    I refuse to play on WPN for a number of reasons, but this was sent to me.

    I am sure there are more. They are colluding and sharing hole card information or something more dubious is happening on the backend. I am not a statistician, but I believe it is statistically impossible to run this far over EV.

    A statistical outlier like this should be really easy to detect on their backend, especially since they are Russian. With their already shaky background, this just tarnishes their brand even more.

    With that said, there are only 2 conclusions:
    • They are completely incompetent and can't implement basic security protocols
    • They are somehow involved in the scheme

    Either way, I suggest you play somewhere else.

    Alot of people have been asking over the years is ACR legit do they rig the games etc. I have watched them close for the last couple of years and I have caught and recorded some pretty suspicious stuff there, but recentally they decided to do away with the player chat and everyone got pissed about it now all you can do is use emojis. They were trying to get people like me to shut up and not point out the obvious rigging and house accounts that were being used. So about 2 weeks after they killed the player chat I was playing a Jackpot sit n go and one of the accounts I was playing started chatting to the other player not only that the account was less than a week old so they killed player chat but these 2 accounts 2 weeks later were able to chat well the only way that could happen is if those accounts were admin or superuser accounts they just for got to block it out so I could not see it yes I took a screenshot of it. The name of the account was Mariaho87 and the actual Maria HO asked for this issue to be addressed on twitter after I posted what I had caught it has been about 2 weeks now and ACR has not addressed the issue and has not denied that they were ACR house accounts. They also have been disconnecting me when I have the winning hand forcing me to fold to their house accounts. I am not the only one its happening to other people are having the same issues you can have 5 tables open and thats the only table that will disconnect. SO this site is absolutly a scam now they just dont care who knows they are rigging the games right in front of people. seems like the site is full of fradulent accounts with some real players here and there. I mean its so obvious what they are doing now that there is noway to explain it away like they used to. They are using their own accounts these accounts know what cards are coming what cards you have and you can not and will not win anyone would like to see proof of the house accounts chatting let me know its also on twitter about 2 weeks ago.
    Obvious collusion or other shenanigans on WPN Quote
    06-23-2022 , 06:20 AM
    What are the screen names of these "house accounts" of which you speak?
    Obvious collusion or other shenanigans on WPN Quote