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New ewallet Luxon Pay, what's the catch? New ewallet Luxon Pay, what's the catch?

07-20-2020 , 02:01 PM
So I have had a couple guys from party support telling me about Luxon Pay. So I went to their site, and it seems they donīt charge for p2p transfers and about currency exchanges, they offer spot rates and 0 fees (which have always been a big con with skrill and neteller). These features sound great, so only con I think of now is it being only accepted on party, has anyone heard of other problematic things about Luxon Pay?
New ewallet Luxon Pay, what's the catch? Quote
10-28-2020 , 10:53 AM

was thinking the exact same thing and cant find much on google
New ewallet Luxon Pay, what's the catch? Quote
10-28-2020 , 12:15 PM
All good with LuxonPay, no issues, support is fast. But yeah main thing is that you are limited on deposit/withdraw options when using LuxonPay (Depends your region have 1-2 deposit options only) and only can use with PartyPoker. Basically if you can get money on and off LuxonPay you are all set with ewallet w/o fees.

Might want look into muchbetter also, 1% forex fee and no fees on p2p, support also is fast. + Free card.

IMO just neteller/skrill having monopoly of market and new competition cutting everything to get share of market.

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New ewallet Luxon Pay, what's the catch? Quote
10-31-2020 , 06:40 PM
An IRL friend of mine who plays high stakes and runs private games is using it for large amounts (saw he had 250k USD on there) and so are others within his circle (including a HS player whose name is known to everyone on this board), he was singing its praises and recommending it to me. I haven't signed up yet but plan to at some point.
New ewallet Luxon Pay, what's the catch? Quote
04-29-2021 , 06:17 AM
any new infos/experiences with luxon?

its available at gg since some weeks now too.
New ewallet Luxon Pay, what's the catch? Quote
02-03-2022 , 11:24 AM
Signed up with luxonpay. Did the complete verification which was easy and fast.

So then I wanted to deposit using a bank transfer. They sent me an email with their bank info. After a few days I emailed them my money was not in my account yet and they replied it could take up to 8 business days. After 9 business days I email them again that the money is still not in my account and then it was completed within 2 hours and support emailed me twice that it should be done. So kind of annoying I have to be on top of this to get my money in my account.

Then I wanted to deposit on ggpoker but they somehow updated their client incorrect regarding the cashier. It now asked for a luxon wallet which doesn't exist. After 2 weeks this was fixed and I could finally deposit.

Now I want to withdraw from ggpoker but a new problem has popped up. GG emailed me they fixed it today but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Of course the ggpoker deposit and withdraw problem is not luxonpay fault but still so far the experience has been sub par. Luxonpay support is easy to get in touch with but hopefully they can smooth out the process.
New ewallet Luxon Pay, what's the catch? Quote
02-04-2022 , 06:26 AM
Hi Guys,

I can speak for my experience and how I found the product, and in all honesty its great.

I have not faced any issues at all, I am depositing with no problems at the sites its offered on, and cash outs literally take a few mins from site to merchant on many occasions.

As mentioned above P2P transfers are free and easy, and the live 24 hour support are always available.

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New ewallet Luxon Pay, what's the catch? Quote
03-23-2022 , 06:43 AM
Signed up an account there as well a few weeks ago. So far no issues. Just noticed that they also offer crypto deposit through Coinrivet. At least they mention it here:

Any experience with that and can give a quick feedback about the process? Could not find anything else about it online. Mailed them too and give an update once they got back to me.
New ewallet Luxon Pay, what's the catch? Quote