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Full Tilt bank wires Full Tilt bank wires

04-18-2011 , 10:28 AM
please update guys if anybody receives funds today via wire or xfer

my cashout was req:3/7 appr: 3/9 then on 4/5 i got another email saying it was reprocessed and i should receive it in a few days, but now i am not sure if the money is still on its way or if it just frozen somewere
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04-18-2011 , 11:05 AM
can someone tell me how to do a wire transfer? I'm a noob and can't figure out how to get it started.
I would greatly appreciate it.
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05-09-2011 , 04:29 AM
Originally Posted by nickeless
Still waiting on a 3/1 withdrawal. NV
Requested: 2/18
Approved: 2/18
Received: 2/22

Requested: 3/1
Approved: 3/1
Received: Still waiting and it hasn't been put back in my account.
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05-09-2011 , 05:10 AM
I had the same withdrawal placed back into my account for a second time the day before black friday and didnt get any compensation. it had benen originally withdrawn feb. 14 if i remember right. I instantly withdrew it again and well we all know how thats going, its in the air somwhere. Maybe FTPDoug will actually have some info one day.
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05-11-2011 , 10:22 AM
FYI: I just searched "wire fees for (insert my bank name here)" and this thread came up on the first page of Google. Please people make an effort to not post your specific bank's name in your posts. Those of us who still play online would appreciate it.
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05-25-2011 , 03:52 PM
fwiw I relocated to canada and emailed and received this as a reply

Hello mrw,

Hope this email finds you well.

Apologies for the delay in coming back to you in regards to your withdrawal request.

We are sorry to inform you mrw, that wire transfers have been suspended for the moment. As soon as wire transfers become available again, we will proceed with the initiation of payments and process withdrawals as per normal.

Rest assured that this is only a temporary suspension and we expect wire transfer payments to be back to normal shortly.

Should you wish to send us an additional withdrawal request, feel free in doing so, however we cannot confirm at this stage the exact time when your initial request of $x,000 payment will be initiated. Please estimate a delay of at list 7 working days.

At this stage, an alternative payment method is Webmoney/Moneybookers, however note that the payment processor will be applying withdrawal limits that may restrict the total amount you wish to process.

As soon as we can process wire transfers, we will come back to you with an update. For the moment, we would like to thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience caused.



not quite sure what they mean by "Please estimate a delay of a list 7 working days" but hopefully they can get these working again
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