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Weirdest/Funniest thing youve had happen in a cardroom? Weirdest/Funniest thing youve had happen in a cardroom?
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Weirdest/Funniest thing youve had happen in a cardroom?

11-10-2021 , 05:28 PM
I wonder if the drunk lady in the black dress planned the whole thing -- alone or with someone? How many black chips did she walk off with?
11-10-2021 , 07:33 PM
Originally Posted by Javanewt Weirdest/Funniest thing youve had happen in a cardroom?
I wonder if the drunk lady in the black dress planned the whole thing -- alone or with someone? How many black chips did she walk off with?
I thought the same thing.
11-22-2021 , 01:30 PM
Don't know if this actually fits but I figured I share anyway.

So at the time I am a college student in Worcester. It is senior year and I am on 'break' from student teaching, but my college roommates are busy with daily classes. I have the itch to play poker but I don't want to make the drive to my local NH rooms nor Foxwoods. I was a broke college student and mainly played low fixed limit (~2011ish). So with the time off and the itch to play I figure there has to be some sort of 'home game' I can find in the area.

After perusing Craigslist of all places I find a local game in Worcester. It is a 1/2 NL cash game that is at some address. Let's say for the sake of the story it was 76 Main street (no idea what the real address was). I get invited to the game and am told that if I want to play I have to meet up with one of the game 'managers' a few blocks away in order to prove I am not some cop. A few days go by and I am getting daily texts from the game saying, when to play, etc. I never end up going but the story takes a weird turn a week or two later.

I'm stoned sitting in my dorm with my buddies one weeknight evening and its atleast 12-1 am when a cheap commerical comes on and its advertising some local Worcester adult store. At the end of the commerical they highlight the place's address and I keep thinking to myself 'man that address is so familiar'. I check my texts from the poker 'group' and low and behold its the same place!

To this day I think what could have happened/what stories I would have if I ever attended one of these games. Also for the record I got daily texts from this group for at least 2 years after graduating in 2012. They ran promotions, had big screen tv give aways, and would give out free liquor for the first 3 people who showed up.
11-22-2021 , 08:48 PM
How could you never go to at least one game???
11-23-2021 , 10:40 AM
11-23-2021 , 01:31 PM
That’s the most depressing ending I’ve seen in this thread. Damn.
11-23-2021 , 04:12 PM
That game put a whole new perspective on the hand shuffle amirite?
11-23-2021 , 04:20 PM
I do regret not going once, but I was a young broke college kid.

I prob would have had to show up with 200 of a life roll at that time of like 1k. Maybe I was getting ahead of myself but all I would worry about was not getting robbed/losing money, but not being able to leave if I won money.

Once I found out what the location of the game was, I couldn't help but think of those 'torture/beating' scenes from movies like Casino but with the type of equipment one would find at an adult store....

I will say I did end up playing a few times at a 'home game' in a local 'Sons of Italy' club. I was a modest breakeven player, maybe went a handful of times, but the one time I did run it up ~ 100ish to like 600 in a few hours, I was raking up and a green (25$ chip) rolled into the stack of a true degen reg that gave off serious 'crack-head' vibes and he refused to give me the chip back. I had to tell the host of the game what happened and he just paid me the extra 25 when I was cashing out. Never went back.
11-23-2021 , 11:19 PM
Just a quick cute story.
I'm sitting at a 2-5 table at Borgata and a middle-aged Asian guy with a large backpack takes the seat next to me. The dealer asks if he's like to post the BB or wait and AsianGuy says he'll wait. While we play, AsianGuy gets himself settled by reaching into his bag and removing chips of all denominations and carefully assemble his stacks. Play continues and AsianGuy now takes several items from his bag (a water bottle, a Japanese drink of some kind, a card-protector, and a cell-phone) and positions them on the table. Then he digs in his bag to find a phone charger and hooks that up. By this point, the Bog Blind gets to him and he posts. Even while playing his first hand he is still building his man-cave and takes a magazine and an iPad from his bag and keeps those on his lap. Rummaging around, he finds headphones and plugs them into his iPad. Finally, he takes his backpack and attaches it to the back of his chair.

He plays for maybe 10 minutes..... and asks for a table change.
11-24-2021 , 05:36 AM
Height of the poker boom (2004 or 2005) when people who didn't even know how to spell poker would sit down at a table and play. I am at a $1/$2 table in the Flamingo. There is a middle aged white guy sitting directly accross from me (4 players between us on both the left and the right). He is playing loose and aggressive and chips are flying around the table. He actually isn't a terrible player, but he is playing far too lose and aggressive to make money so he is constantly going into his pocket for more money. He is drinking and having a good time though so all is good. Finally he gets to the point where he just starts raising (to $10) every single hand that is limped to him. Every single hand. Then when it his action on the flop he will bet or raise when action is on him.

Funny thing is, he starts winning. Most of the other players do not know how to handle it. They are new rec players buying in for $100 and limping for $2 and constantly getting raised. Dozens of players cycle through the table, buy in for $100 or $200, lose their money and angrily leave because it is effectively a $1/$2/$10 table where there is a definite bet on the flop.

Of course, I am crushing the table. I get to play perfectly knowing he is going to raise or bet the flop. I can limp all of my big hands and then reraise after a few callers, or I can limp and steal after a few people call his raise. Post flop I can check and then shove any favorable flops knowing he is going to bet. There is so much dead money cycling through the table. Players are getting frustrated and angry and this is just feeding his laughter. It is amazing that he is holding his own, but I am literally crushing the game. After 5 or 6 hours his wife comes to the game and he has to leave. He is probably even, but I have over $4000 in front of me. This is back when the max buy in was $200. Great times.

The best though was the next day.

It was early afternoon and the OMCs were still out. I am on the waiting list standing waiting for a table. As I get to the top of the list I buy my chips early so I can play right away. I get sent to a table just in time to take the big blind. I post and look to my left and realize that the guy from the night before is sitting to my immediate left. We say hi and share a laugh at what fun last night was. He is UTG and immediately raises it to $10. I internally smile as I realize I am on the perfect position. I will always be the last to act after all of his raises. The hand plays out somehow and I think he wins.

Button moves, I post the small blind, he posts the big blind. The cards are dealt and I look down at KK. A bunch of players limp and I just complete the $2 expecting him to raise. I am salivating at him raising and a bunch of people calling before I shove.

He just checks.

I am shocked and confused. I am still looking at him with a weird look on my face trying to figure out what is going on as the flop comes out. The flop comes out 9 high, but with both straight and flush draws. I come out of my lost confusion and bet more than pot. Three people call. The turn is a beautiful K that doesn't make the flush. I check, some player bets, another player raises, yada yada yada, everyone gets all of their money in. My trip Ks hold up. As I am stacking my chips I can hear all of the whispers of everyone at the table. He limped with Kings in the small blind preflop.

I cannot help but smile. Everyone thinks I am an idiot. Sure I got lucky, but there was definitely a method to my madness that involved sound logic.

A few hands later it is clear that the guy to my left is no longer raising every hand. I ask him about that and he just laughs and says that while that was fun , he knows he cannot win in the long run doing that so now he is playing normal. I Forest Gumped it.
11-24-2021 , 09:23 AM
Great story, thanks for sharing.

In Vegas, there was a guy that couldn't play his way out of a wet paper bag. He would maximum raise, 7 card stud, 15-30 , every card. It was a horror. The action was insane because no one wanted to fold even their two pair, trips or better because they knew they couldn't ever put him on a hand. His play was a challenge to players, they all knew they were better than him and they all wanted his chips, so players went to the river hoping to snag a maximum pot.

Of course he ended up losing but he dragged a lot of people down with him.

One hand, I had 9 s door card, J 10 s in the pocket. Of course he raises the bring in, someone with an Ace door card re-raises, call call call, he raises once more. Fourth street is the Q of spades. I never initiated a bet because I didn't want anyone to put me on the draw but I really didn't like max bets getting in every round. Brick on five, maximum raises, brick on six, I can't even make a straight much less a flush. Maximum raises. Everyone is focused only on the maniac as I squeeze the river. It is the King of spades. I never got to make a raise as it was maxed for me, five callers.

Every now and then a woman would sidle up to him and either give him a room key or take one and off she'd go. Turns out he was pimping right out of the Mirage poker room. But he was losing more money than they were making for him. I never could figure out why he played like that.
11-24-2021 , 10:18 PM
In the mid-1980s, I was grinding a $2 limit lowball game for grocery money in a little two-table poker room and having trouble gaining traction. To say this was an easy game would have been an understatement. Five of the eight players were drunk and having fun, one was a rock, one was a sweet 92-year-old lady on my immediate right and me.

So, I'm in the blind and get dealt a pat 6-4, with the joker. The action goes: raise, call, 3-bet, 4-bet-cap, fold, call, call and I call. During the draw, so many cards are drawn that the dealer has to reshuffle the discards to finish, the little old lady takes two.

Anyway, I bet, and it gets raised, reraised and capped immediately. When the action gets to the little old lady, she says in a very shaky voice:

How ... much ... can ... I ... bet?

And I sink into my chair defeated, as this game doesn't have a jackpot.

For the few people here that don't know that tell from an inexperienced player, it means they have an unbeatable hand.
11-25-2021 , 06:27 AM
Another one from the Hard Rock Las Vegas where there are so many stories to tell.

It was when the poker room was just a few tables down the main aisle right outside the nightclub. It used to be a prime people watching spot for all of the people going to and from the nightclub. The action was also phenomenal (as it always was there) due to getting lots of drunk players coming out of the club.

Anyway one night late after the club closes a group of three guys and their girlfriends come out of the club. They are all trashed. The guys decide to play poker. Their girlfriends all sit behind them and watch. All of them were drunk but one woman was really drunk. She is slurring her words and can barely keep her head up. She is rather busty and she is wearing a low cut dress. Whenever she would turn to talk (slur) to one of her friends, her breast would pop out of the dress. No one would say anything abd she was too drunk to notice so she would just sit there for a few minutes with her breast hanging out. Eventually the floorman would come over and whisper in her ear and she would tuck it back in her dress. This went on and on for a couple of hours. It would pop out and 5 minutes later he would say something. Eventually it got to the point where he wouldn't even whisper to her. He would just come by the table and say "Miss, your boob is sticking out again".

She was so drunk (and still drinking) that they finally cut her off. She kept trying to order another drink, but she couldn't understand that she was cut off. So she started getting drunk angry with everyone. Eventually her breast pops out again and the floorman comes by and says "Miss, your boob is sticking out again". Since she is angry she looks at him, reaches behind her neck and unties her dress. And her top falls to her waist she looks at him and says "Stop telling me that! Now both of my boobs are out. Now where can I get a drink?" Everyone is quiet for a few seconds and the floorman looks dumbfounded. Eventually he retreats to his podium and starts to call security.

She is sitting there with he tits hanging out and decides that she is going to go to the bar on her own. So she gets up and walks down the midway towards the bar with her dress around her waist. Everyone at the table just starts cracking up, but they are trying to be sensitive since her boyfriend is still at the table. Still comments start to come out.

As the conversation continues, it turns out that the group of them was originally 3 guys and 2 girls. They just had met this girl in the club and did not really know her. He was actually relieved she was gone because he was kind of annoyed with her.

Never saw her again that night.
11-29-2021 , 04:23 PM
This was probably 15 years ago. I had been visiting friends in Hawaii (where I lived for two years back in the late 80s) and when it was time to leave, I decided a stop in Las Vegas was just the thing. So I grabbed the jumpseat* on Hawaiian airlines. The crew offered me a seat in the cabin (more comfortable than the cockpit jumpseat) and I slept much of the way to LV.

Once there, I grabbed a ride to the Hard Rock and got in a 1/2 game. It was around 8:30 pm. There was a drunk guy to my immediate right who was very friendly and very active. He rarely folded and would ride any pair to showdown every time. Whenever I wasn't in the hand, he would show me what he was playing, so I had a very good idea of his "style" of play. It was fun being a spectator in the hands I didn't play.

We played all night and around 8 am, a hand came up where I had AsJs. To be honest, the nitty details of the hand elude me, but I hit my nut flush on the river and by that time it was just down to me and my drunk buddy. He was first to act and bet $50. I knew he had some piece and would not fold to anything. I raised to $125. Rather than snap call, as he had been doing all night long, he thought about it and finally announced "fold" and tossed in his hand face up, showing that he had top pair! This was unprecedented!

Since we had been having such a good time, I tabled my hand to show he had made a great laydown to my nut flush. Except it wasn't the nut flush. I actually had AsJc. And to make matters worse, there weren't 3 spades on the board...there were only 2! So I had bluffed the unbluffable guy and the table couldn't believe it. I stared at the board and my hand and couldn't believe it either. I didn't bother telling the table that I thought I was betting the nuts. (As my friends always said to me: "It's a good thing you don't have a job that requires attention to detail.")

* one of the greatest perks of being an airline pilot. Fly for free on any airline worldwide.

[epilog: I ended up playing until 9 pm, only leaving the table for bathroom breaks during that 24 hour session. I ate breakfast at the table (steak and eggs, comped). My plan was to get a room and stay another day, but they had no rooms available, so I got a ride back to the airport and grabbed the jumpseat on the United redeye flight to IAD. I was looking forward to sleeping the whole way, but they had no seats in the passenger cabin, so I had to sit in the jumpseat on a 757 for the entire flight. If you've ever ridden the 757 jumpseat, you know that it's not very comfortable. A vertical seat back against the bulkhead. I was so tired that I left my shoulder harness on for the entire flight to keep me from falling out of the seat as I tried to get some sleep.]

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11-30-2021 , 04:20 PM
This was just last night at MGM National Harbor (D.C.). In a 1/3 game, seat 2 had his cards sitting up vertically facing him. He wasn't holding them; they were just propped up somehow (I assume there was something behind them that I couldn't see which allowed them to remain vertical). I've never seen anyone play their cards this way and it wouldn't take much for seat 1 or 3 to lean over a bit and see his cards. But that's not what happened.

After the flop the OR, a woman in seat 1, bet out. Seat 2 now dramatically said "All in" and shoved his stack forward over the line. (He had around $300.) In pushing the chips forward, he knocked his cards over, exposing them. We could see that he had 45 unsuited. When he realized that his cards were exposed, he reached out and pulled the pile of chips back, turned over the cards, and got up saying he was changing tables.

The dealer called the floor and it was quite rightly ruled an all-in bet. Seat 1 called the all-in and showed her cards: AKo. Neither player had a pair, so seat 2 was actually live. Clean run out and seat 1 took the pot. Seat 2 just said "Whatever" and left.
11-30-2021 , 11:44 PM
Ha ha, good one!