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The Seabrook Poker Room is alive and well!

So a company ("The Poker Room") leased out part of the grandstand to run a poker room and small pit area.

The lease ran out last month. The owners of the track decided not to renew, opting instead to open their own poker room on the same site. They kept on all the dealers who wanted to stay.

The room was closed for the last three days of June, while "The Poker Room" packed up their stuff and moved out. It reopened July 1 under new management.

"The Poker Room" has long had a website, where players could check the tourney schedule, the hours of operation, or any other info they need. Since they left Seabrook Greyhound Park, this message has appeared on the front page of that website:



Seabrook Greyhound Park

is Officiallly Closed as of June 27th, 2010.

Special Announcement !

As many of you know, Seabrook Greyhound Park

has terminated it's rental lease with

Seacoast Poker LLC.

Les, Tony and the rest of the members of our workforce

wish to thank all of our patrons for their loyalty to


Hopefully soon, you will hear from us about any

future endeavors of Seacoast Poker LLC.

In the meantime, feel free to visit

(Insert name of local competitor here)

While I guess that's technically true, it was clearly worded to mislead people into thinking that there was no more poker in Seabrook, and the NE Massachusetts and SW Maine customer base would be wasting time and gas by driving there looking for a game.

I had hoped I was wrong with that last paragraph, but players are reporting that the talk in the surrounding NH poker rooms has consistently been, "Seabrook? I thought they were closed! It says so on their website!" Also, there's a thread here on the front page of B&M, titled something like, "Seabrook closed?"

So I thought we needed a thread on the front page titled "The Seabrook Poker Room is alive and well!", to combat the misinformation being put out there.

I'm sure the displaced owners were only trying to hurt the landlord who pushed them out and took all their customers, but the dealers who work there (who all once worked for them!) are the collateral damage.

(I know 2+2 urges businesses to buy an ad if they want to advertise. I hope they see that this is strictly an effort to combat possible misinformation that has been posted here. Yes, I know the question was answered in the first "Seabrook closed?" thread, but I felt that in the interest of equal time, that answer should appear on the front page, not tucked within a thread. I appreciate the patience and understanding of the mods. Finally, yes, I work at Seabrook, but the views and opinions in all of my posts are mine and mine alone, and not necessarily those of my employer.)

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Re: The Seabrook Poker Room is alive and well!

do they offer any NL there now? i used to go there when i was in college (well, undergrad) but they only had 2/2 limit.
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Re: The Seabrook Poker Room is alive and well!

No NL in NH, i think the max bet is still $4. Cash games remain rake monsters. The larger tournaments at both Rockingham and Seabrook are semi-decent. Huge rake obviously, but soft fields and well run. FWIW, both rooms are owned by the same people. If NH truly was the "Live Free or Die" state, they'd change the law and legalize poker. Having no sales tax, i'm sure they could use the revenue. Once Suffolk Downs in MA becomes a casino, those NH rooms will die.
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Re: The Seabrook Poker Room is alive and well!

Originally Posted by MontyBurns View Post
N If NH truly was the "Live Free or Die" state, they'd
not have a tax on all gambling proceeds. Note you cannot even deduct losses.
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