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Bene Gesserit
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Re: Saving Money Using Casino Chips

Well if the OP is talking about 2 or 3 hundred dollars worth of chips, I don't think it matters much how he secures them at home or what else might happen. OTOH if you are talking about much larger amounts , thousands , then the advice from most posters here about NOT doing this is very wise.
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Re: Saving Money Using Casino Chips

This thread is pretty old but since I last posted, I discovered a quirk with keeping casino chips.

It's pretty easy to lose track of chips in good times.

I cashed out my bankroll a few years ago, and while I knew the exact number of big chips off hand, I didn't remember exactly how many smaller chips I had.

A few months after I thought I had liquidated, I pulled out my safety deposit box and found a few chips (including a 1k) that had gotten wedged into folded papers. A few months after that I found one more wedged into the crack of the box.

Part of the confusion was that by the end I was making more money off the illiquid part of my bankroll in the stock market than I was making by poker, so it was pretty difficult to notice missing chips. Unless you keep meticulous records not only of what you win but also what form it's stashed in, I expect most people will face the same problem that I did. I knew the rough total of what I should have, but with part in stocks, part in a money market, abd part in chips, it was a mess.
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Re: Saving Money Using Casino Chips

Originally Posted by MrFizzbin2 View Post
Ha haha all these silly bank people, take your cash that you want to save put it in a Mason jar fill it with water, seal it and put it in your freezer..

No impulse spending there.....
Take to shop which will s right by garage. Shop towels, small sledge and 30 seconds later they n my truck with cash. I just don’t see any determination.

To the weeks or months waiting for fdic. That is almost never the case. If bank is going to fail fed steps in and flips in over a weekend. Sometimes even overnight. At most you would wait two days.

To the lv casinos outlasting banks. Don’t forget it was is not the bank they have to outlast. The bank is insured by the fed govt. so if your money in the bank goes busto we all have much bigger issues to worry about.
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