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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: River put out at same time as last player is attempting to call

Originally Posted by psandman View Post
Suppose as this happened, before the player released the chips on of his opponents saw the card being exposed and immediately objected saying the card was exposed.

Would you say the the card should stay because the player had already decided to call, was in the process of calling, and fully admitted he was calling?

If the card would come back in that case aren't you now giving control over whether the card stays to a player in the hand .... who could object or not based on whether he liked the exposed the card?

How is that protecting the integrity of the game?
That doesnt change anything to me. If its obvious to everyone that the guy is calling before accidentally seeing the card, then it should stay. If someone is contesting the fact that he was calling then whatever the house rule is should be the determining factor. In this case nobody contested the fact that he was calling. The dealer called the floor when he saw the guy pull his chips back. When asked if he was calling before seeing the card the guy said Yes but he didnt want to call after seeing the King.
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Re: River put out at same time as last player is attempting to call

Or so he says now. Or maybe after seeing king he now wants to raise. So will say whatever he thinks will keep the card and maybe let him raise.

There is a standard rule for premature river or turn for many reasons. By definition this is premature river. Just follow the rule.
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