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R.I.P. Doogie R.I.P. Doogie

05-21-2010 , 08:19 PM
I know this is a little different, but the reason I am posting this tribute to my dog is that he spent a lot of time with me down in Atlantic City and many poker players down there knew him. If you ever played with me in Harrah's, Ballys, Showboat, The Hilton or the Taj, you more than likely heard me mention that I sneaked him into my room and was staying with me. Many also met him on the boardwalk when I was out walking him. We just got back yesterday from 4 days at Ballys.

But for everyone who has ever lost a beloved pet, you can empathize with me. It's been a very tough day for me. I know that this may seem pathetic to some, but I just want to thank everyone for indulging me......Greg

So here's my tribute to my best friend:

R.I.P. Doogie: January 28, 1998 - May 21, 2010

I just wanted to let everyone know that my best friend Doogie Passed away this morning after battling lymphoma for the past couple of months. He literally took his last breaths in my arms as I tried to comfort him. He was a fighter to the end. He didn't suffer though, as he seemed like he was in pretty good shape up until the end. Just yesterday we stopped by his vet and saw his oncologist and he seemed like he was doing well. But he took a turn for the worse this morning. The vet doesn't think that the cancer killed him. We're not exactly sure what happened but my little man is gone now and in Doggie heaven.

He was truly my best friend. I loved him like I would a child. We walked together all the time. He went to work with me every day when I still had my store. He would sit on the counter top all day long right next to the cash register and greet my customers (or scare them when he looked up at them if they didn't know he was a real dog). He would also go to the post office with me and walk through the town of Warwick, NY with his chest puffed out. It's amazing how many people knew him by name and referred to me as Doogie's Dad.

He always went down to Atlantic City with me when I went down to play poker. He spent over 200 nights in such fine hotels as the Hilton, Ballys, Harrahs and the Showboat in the past few years. He loved the boardwalk and the beach. Lots of good smells. He was always very still and quiet when I sneaked him in in his big bag. He was legendary down there as pretty much every player and dealer knew that I brought him with me.

He also traveled with me wherever I went. As long as I didn't have to get on a plane, I could take him anywhere. We went out to Illinois a number of times too. It will seem very odd driving in my car alone without him.

Doogie was even the co-commissioner of the Greg & Doogie Fantasy Baseball League now in it's 9th season. He always ruled with a firm, yet fair paw.

He was also very good at doing tricks for treats. He could sit, stay, shake, pick a hand, dance and the show stopper was always the high-five. He loved his treats.

I must say, Doogie had a very good life as far as dogs go. He never had a single bad experience with people and was very friendly and trusting to everyone. In his whole entire life, he NEVER EVER once came to greet me at the door or bark when I got home. He just looked up at me and expected me to come to him. He was my little prince and the couch was his throne. I'm sure I will always look over at the couch whenever I come home to see if he's sleeping on there.

I've been dreading this moment for a while now and I already miss him terribly. He had lost much of his hearing about about 9 months ago and after that, I never got to hear his wonderful howling ever again. And now when I come home, he won't be there waiting for me to come rub his belly and to give him his treats.

As many pets do, Doogie had a lot of nicknames. Here's all I can think of:

The Schloog
The little Prince
The King
Mayor McSchloog
Doogan P. Schlooger Junior the Third
Ass dog (Thanks for that one Michelle)
Butt Muncher
Slim Nose
Dick Nose (Thanks for that one Jenn)
The Dooganator
The Handsome Hound
Cow Belly
My Furry Little Man
Oh, Like Doogie Hauser? (Pretty much EVERYONE we ever met)

As I write this, I just feel empty inside and I just ache. My heart goes out to everyone who's lost a beloved pet or anyone who's close to them.

So I say this to you Doogie: God Speed and I hope to meet up with you again and take you for a nice long walk and a belly rub and a high-five you for some treats. You're so handsome and such a good boy. I LOVE YOU and I will miss you terribly and I'll remember you forever.

Goodbye my Friend!
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05-21-2010 , 08:21 PM
I'd like to post a picture of him if someone can tell me how to insert one. I'm not sure what the URL is of a picture from my computer.
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05-21-2010 , 09:08 PM
I love dogs. Sorry to see yours go. But just remember, he's in a better place now. He can't even turn around without sniffing another dog's butt.

You can't download directly from your computer to this site. You've got to save it elsewhere, then right click on it, copy image location, insert image (yellow mountain looking icon next to the quote icon), then paste its location.

BTW, I know it won't be the same, but you'll have to get another dog sooner or later. Dogs just enhance our lives, and even if you lose a beloved dog, another lovable, muttley critter is waiting for you somewhere to fill the void.
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05-21-2010 , 11:20 PM
Peace be with you Doogie!

I've had dogs all my life. My wife and I adopted a rescue dog in december and we already can't remember what life was like before him.

Sorry for your loss brother.
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05-21-2010 , 11:45 PM
sorry for your loss.

from experience, I can assure you it gets easier with time though.
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05-21-2010 , 11:50 PM
sorry to hear man. dogs are the best. i just wish they lived longer...
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05-22-2010 , 02:48 AM

Dogs are awesome. Just remember all the good times you had with him. Sounds like he had a pretty great life hanging with you in AC.
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05-22-2010 , 02:52 AM
Originally Posted by DonkeyFocker
sorry to hear man. dogs are the best. i just wish they lived longer...

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05-22-2010 , 10:11 AM
Originally Posted by Studgunner
I'd like to post a picture of him if someone can tell me how to insert one. I'm not sure what the URL is of a picture from my computer.

go to

upload your pic

copy the link to the pic after it is uploaded (ctrl c)

make a post here and click the pic icon
paste the link (ctrl v)

hit the submit post button

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05-22-2010 , 11:13 AM
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05-22-2010 , 11:17 AM
I am sorry for your loss.
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05-22-2010 , 11:32 AM
Hardly known
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05-22-2010 , 12:21 PM
I'd like to thank everyone for their condolences and for the info on how to post a picture of him. Here's one of Doogie and me from about a month ago. Notice the Showboat hat I'm wearing. What a degen I am.

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05-22-2010 , 12:28 PM
Here's a picture of him from a couple of weeks ago.

[IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]
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05-22-2010 , 12:29 PM
And here's a picture of him as a puppy. This is my all-time favorite picture of him. How could I walk out of the pet store without him. He had me at hello.

[IMG] Uploaded with[/IMG]
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05-22-2010 , 12:52 PM
my condolences for your loss. a few years ago my dog of 15 years died. it may be too soon for you to think about another dog, but i waited about a year and got another dog, this time from the pound (death row) and she's awesome.
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05-22-2010 , 12:54 PM
So sorry for your loss bro.
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05-22-2010 , 01:17 PM
Sorry for your loss greg. My mom just recently lost our 14 year old dog so I know what you're going through. I haven't been down in a while. Hopefully I'll see you around town sometime soon but I don't know when I'll be around.
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05-22-2010 , 01:29 PM
It sucks to lose your buddy, but it is nice that you provided a safe place for him all these years, glad you got those pictures posted. you are right man the pup-pic is great.
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05-22-2010 , 01:55 PM
condolences man. If I wasn't sure before about a dog, I am certain I am getting one too, most likely from the dog pound. I am in Taiwan right now and it makes me sad to see all those dogs in cramped quarters barely able to move in stores. I wish I could buy them all and give them owners who will love them.
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05-22-2010 , 06:24 PM
Your dog's life was enriched/nourished and no doubt he was a happy dog because he had you as his companion. Not all animals get the chance to be that lucky...and your life was made better because he came into it and showed you unconditional love and loyalty. My dog is such a huge part of my life and it's amazing the love we have for these creatures.

Memories. Good memories.

I'm very sorry.
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05-23-2010 , 03:50 PM
Sorry to hear man. Dogs are the best friends. I know from my experience with my little Benny. When he passed away after 16 years I was devastated.
I can take a lot of pressure playing NL for big stacks. I am cool under pressure even if I get sucked out by a fish sometime. But when my little Benny passed away I was devastated. I actually took a week off from playing just to calm my self down. It was like somebody ripped my heart out of my chest. I actually felt hard pain. I had to take some Valium pills to heal my anxiety. I'm not kidding!

"In memory of our beloved Benny. You can never be replaced and will forever be missed by us.
You gave unconditional love to us for so many years. With love from Mama and me."

Uploaded with

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05-24-2010 , 05:31 AM
Aw sorry to hear OP. Cute dog; he looks happy!
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05-24-2010 , 11:33 AM
Thank you. He was very cute. He always looked pretty serious though too.

Originally Posted by canoodles
Aw sorry to hear OP. Cute dog; he looks happy!
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05-24-2010 , 02:16 PM
Looks like a great dog---so sorry for your loss; RIP, Doogie.

While this may seem unfathomable right now, someday, when you least expect it, a dog needing love and a home will cross your path. And he will have you at hello.

Humans who love animals always open their hearts to them----over and over, until we finally check out of the planet ourselves.
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