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10-25-2008 , 10:54 PM
Originally Posted by MrFizzbin
Annie Dukes Boyfriend Joe Reitman and Ron Jeremy...
Ron Jeremy...

Annie and boyfriend Joe Reitman..

Holy Christ...that's the dude Annie Duke has charms on her bracelet for?

That guy played a porn producer on the Shield this was a good episode, but now the hate-jones I hold for Annie Duke has been solidified. That guy looks like Slash's less talented, overweight twin brother.

BTW...this thread rules...the Giamatti-Black doppelganger is legit.
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10-25-2008 , 11:02 PM
Originally Posted by aramfingal
obviously people are always confusing doyle with joan crawford:
Hey Happy Gilmore, repeat after ol Chubs...It's all in the's all in the teeth.

I guess denture technology hasn't kept pace with the times...
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10-25-2008 , 11:12 PM
Originally Posted by J.C.
Tom Dwan and Nosfuratu (Dracula) or..........

Which one is durrdracula...sorry...i have a st...stu...go **** yourselves

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10-26-2008 , 05:06 AM
Has anyone ever seen Durrrr in daylight?
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10-26-2008 , 09:15 AM
Tom Dwan

Kirk Hinrich

The resemblance is much stronger when watching a Bulls game, though. Enough to bother you at least.

That Joan Crawford and Doyle Brunson one is dead on though.

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10-26-2008 , 09:51 PM

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10-26-2008 , 11:27 PM
Phil ...

Fred Savage in Goldmember

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12-17-2008 , 02:32 AM
Time to revive this thread.

At left is recording artist Fiona Apple. At right is Elizabeth Montizanti, currently among the chip leaders at the Doyle Brunson Five Diamond main event at the Bellagio:

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12-18-2008 , 12:58 AM

Todd Graves from Secret Millionaire.

Phil Hellmuth
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12-18-2008 , 06:01 AM
The first time I saw Jamie Gold I thought to myself, "This guy resembles that of Michael Myers!"

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12-18-2008 , 04:49 PM
hah nice thread
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12-19-2008 , 06:17 PM
Originally Posted by Jubal

needs more love
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12-28-2008 , 07:10 AM

don't they look like a father & son?
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01-13-2009 , 12:28 AM
David Grey & Wallace Shawn

Ilari Sahamies & Satan (aka Rosalinda Celentano)

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01-13-2009 , 03:44 AM

Francis from Pee Wee

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01-13-2009 , 03:54 AM

numma numma guy...

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01-13-2009 , 11:00 AM
Obv didnt come up with this myself and I've seen ppl use this as their avatar, but not posted here yet

TJ Cloutier looks like a grumpy cookie :

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01-13-2009 , 04:38 PM
Ok Lets see how many good poker player lookalikes we can find.

They can be other celebrities and sportsmen/women or just general members of the public like your friends or relatives.

I will start off with this one below (John Juanda vs Marco Fu - snooker player)

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01-13-2009 , 04:40 PM
first. sounds like an original idea.
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01-13-2009 , 04:56 PM
im sure that there's already a thread about this.... cant be arsed to search it though
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01-13-2009 , 05:27 PM
Originally Posted by wdogg40
Thank you Sir, I can still feel the endorphines raining inside my brain.
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01-13-2009 , 06:12 PM
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01-15-2009 , 02:04 AM

Vinnie Vinh Before 2007 WSOP

Vinnie Vinh During 2007 WSOP
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01-15-2009 , 08:42 AM
So I was watching two and a half men and then I saw this boy...


Jeez, maybe that´s the look you´ve got to have to be a TV star

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01-15-2009 , 08:43 AM
Has been posted on 2+2 many times
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