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Club INDIANAPOLIS BOUND Room Help Appreciated

Hey Fellow Grinders,
My first post on two plus two but I have spent some time over the yeras reading blogs when I needed to kill time before my next poker trip. I play 2,3,or 4 days in a row every two weeks. I usually win unless my leak comes out on the way to the room and I get trapped playing slot machines. New year and New resolutions. Ill have a babysitter with me on this trip who I am going to teach a little bit.
I am an east coast regular 1/2 2/5 regular grinder who lives in Queens NY and play at Borgata Sands Foxwoods Parx etc and am going to visit a childhood best friend who lives in Indianapolis. Getting there on a thursday evening 2/8 and he will take me play anywhere I would like to play friday morning through sunday night. I am looking for the weaker games than I am used to at Borgata and have been watching Bravo and it seems like Hammond Horseshoe in Indiana has the most tables running but I am leaning more towards going to the Jack in Cincinnati.
Can some of you guys help me decide what my Itinerary should be and where I should have most success and If I should hit more than one room. Seems like Indy has the same issue I have where im from that there are plenty of rooms but everything is at least two hours away. I appreciate the help. WPT at Borgata starts tomorrow. I will be there thursday thru monday. Cant wait. Best events besides the WSOP in the country IMO. Take care and may your rivers be safe
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Re: INDIANAPOLIS BOUND Room Help Appreciated
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Re: INDIANAPOLIS BOUND Room Help Appreciated

Thanks for the thread link but not much on casino poker....Thread is mostly about local underground games? can anyone else give me opinions on what casinos to play in...thanks
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Re: INDIANAPOLIS BOUND Room Help Appreciated

Majestic Star casino will have 1/2 and sometimes 2/5 going on. It is not on Bravo. Usually 3-5 games of 1/2 going on. It is just a little closer than Horseshoe. I would try both.
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Re: INDIANAPOLIS BOUND Room Help Appreciated

Where in Indy? Not that it matters, but it does take 30 minutes to get around the loop if you are on the 'wrong' side.

The local games should be very lively if you stick around. I wouldn't shy away from them but you wont have 24 hour 'access' as you would in a casino. No need to wander to the 'casino' near the east side of Indy. Electronic tables and some weird rules from what I've heard.

Hammond, IN (Chicago) ... Great weekend action with an opportunity to play 5-10 if you want. I would play the 5-10 feeder table but the 5-10 main game will be tough. Normally at least 2-3 2-5 games going 24 hours so you will be able to table change as well. The big negative 'from me to you' is that there's really nothing to do near the casino .. not even eating options. You could wander over to Blue Chip if you want some weaker tables that can play big at times. You do have Harrah's of Joliet, IL 'in the area' that will play pretty good on the weekend at times.

I normally do well in Cincy. I don't think as many tables are running 'all the time' nor do I think the bank rolls are as deep as Hammond. I think there is one or two other casino options but I've never been. Much more options outside as this is basically downtown.

Detroit .. Might be a touch too far, but Motor City will have 24 hour action and MGM and Greektown (Jack soon) will have choices for you (on Bravo) through the night. You could catch a NBA or NHL game within a stones throw as well. Detroit is way better than the national image .. You could also sneak over to Canada too. Motor City can have a 5-10-20 game on Fridays or Saturdays if the regs show up. The BBJ just hit at Motor City so the 1-2 action may not be as weak, but it's still very fishy all the time.

If you do hit up Detroit, maybe stop at FireKeepers casino in Battle Creek Friday afternoon/evening. That is their big 2/5 night and they may also have their 1/3 PLO 'match the stack' going where there can be as much as $60K on the table. (PLO is mostly Thur and Sat, but can be running Fri as well.)

I don't think you have enough time to do an I-94 poker run from Chicago to Detroit (with FireKeepers in between) but there's a lot of poker play on that road!!

Columbus, OH .. Never been but they seem to be a lively bunch on this site and I've heard there are a lot of deep pockets in Buckeye country.

Toledo, OH .. Kind of a happy-medium between Columbus and Detroit but much tighter IMO.

St. Louis .. Never been but the mini-tournament tours seems to do well there.

Play well and have a good visit with your friend, Love Indy too as I did a 3 year stint on the west side near Speedway. GL
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Re: INDIANAPOLIS BOUND Room Help Appreciated

Hey Answer thanks for the reply....was unsure what blue chip was? Sounds as if another casino up by hammond? Like I said I think I am gearing more towards the ohio area from my buddies in Indianapolis and it seems as if columbus and the jack in cincy are not too far from each other. traveling Friday am and heading to either or for friday and will probably want to hit the other on saturday. Anywhere you think I should stop to check out on the way or on the way back on sunday. If the trip works out financially wise the wife would not mind me venturing again to spend time with my friend and play. Thanks again for your great response and I think the ohio area should have some cool restaurants and bars when taking a break from the felt.
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Re: INDIANAPOLIS BOUND Room Help Appreciated

If you are looking for an actual casino, I'd recommend Indiana Grand Casino in Shelbyville, IN. They have eTables but with actual players around the table but less rake, no tip and more hands an hour.

If you looking to play with chips, Id suggest Knights of Columbus off of 71st street in Indianapolis. This is a charity game running on Mondays and Wednesdays open from noon to midnight. Its legal and they have a cop there the whole time.,
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