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How does 2/5 at the lodge compare to 1/2 How does 2/5 at the lodge compare to 1/2

05-12-2022 , 04:08 PM
Iíve put in about 180 hours at 1/2 so far this year and am currently up $7200 after rake. Been running pretty well, but also crushing the game.

Iím debating taking a shot at 2/5. Iím curious, how does the player base at 2/5 compare? Also, what is the average open size? At 1/2 , people open to $15 anyways, so Iím curious is 2/5 even plays bigger.

Also, how does the Texas card house and 52 compare? Are the games just as splashy ? Is there a certain room with the best games ?
How does 2/5 at the lodge compare to 1/2 Quote
05-12-2022 , 04:50 PM
There are threads you can search for specifically for Texas poker .. take a look. More than likely they will be leaning towards a visit to Austin.

In a typical poker room that offers BOTH 1/2 and 2/5 you will find much more skill at 2/5. Not knowing your style, but you will be less likely to pull off betting lines that just don't make sense. If you show any weakness when OOP you will be tested at 2/5. The reason I say 'both' is that skilled players will generally gravitate up in stakes. If 2/5 is not offered very often then 'everyone' has to play the lower stake, so that's where the skill will be, albeit a little more spread out.

IMO you can 'easily' play 2/5 in Vegas if you play 1/2 well at your home room and you'll feel comfortable at the table. Playing in Texas can be a whole different story since the games tend to be much more wild and you will need some BR to ride out the variance.

There's nothing wrong with shot taking as long as you go into it with an open mind. LOTS of Players will move up, but then change their game as they start to worry more about the 'real' dollars. While I've already stated that there's typically much more skill at 2/5, that doesn't necessarily mean you need to shut your game down .. Just do the same things less often (and from in position). Opening bets at 2/5 may be the same as 1/2 games, being 15-20, but you wont typically go 5-ways to the Flop. There will also be probably 3 times the 3-betting that you might see playing 1/2 and it will be wider. Those hands rarely go 3-way to the Flop.

Good luck and have fun .. keep us up to date on your progress .. GL
How does 2/5 at the lodge compare to 1/2 Quote
05-13-2022 , 07:16 PM
Good luck indeed. The tx info is buried in a subforum in “home poker” behind a click through disclaimer.
How does 2/5 at the lodge compare to 1/2 Quote