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Re: Horse robbed... opinions needed

Originally Posted by Joey913 View Post
"Better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6"
Sure, that too. But in this situation I can see a case for self-defense. IANAL, but bear with me.

You're trapped in your car in a drive-thru at 4:00 AM with no one around. Sketchy guy who skulked out of the shadows to block you won't move. You honk your horn repeatedly, still nothing. You flash your brights and rev your engine, and he still doesn't budge.

He's clearly trapping you on purpose now. At this point, you know you're dealing with either a stubborn robbery attempt or a seriously crazy person. Both present an obvious danger to you. You throw it in gear and start rolling toward him, laying into your horn the whole way. You really just hope he'll move. You don't want to run him over, but you will if the alternative is whatever his criminal or insane plan is.

In this same situation—being trapped and menaced by an unknown figure in a bad place at a bizarre hour—you'd be within your rights to draw a weapon. You legitimately fear for your life, and even in a state without stand-your-ground laws, your only real opportunity to retreat is being blocked by this creepy fellow.

What else can you reasonably be expected to do? Remaining where you are puts you in danger. Getting out of the car puts you in even more danger than that. Even attempting to use your phone to call 911 could cost you your life.

Add to that the plan to call the police immediately after you escape—plus the fact that Dunkin Donuts has video cameras all over their property—and I can't imagine you'll get in trouble for defending yourself and your passenger from a clearly dangerous person.

(Definitely don't mention to the cops that you're carrying $12K, though.)
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Mr Rick
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Re: Horse robbed... opinions needed

I've played regularly at FW for over 10 years. I have not once stopped at that Dunkin Donuts on the road in (and I pass it virtually every time).

Because there is a 24 hr Dunkin Donuts inside the casino within 100 feet of the entrance to the Poker Room (where I often do get donuts). The other benefit is that they take rewards points. And it is on the way from the Parking lot.

I would think long and hard about what caused you guys to leave MS and then pull off the road at that hour to the external DD. If in the end it was at the suggestions of your friend, then you have your answer as to what happened.

The lesson to be learned is to take every last possible precaution when carrying large amounts of cash (or chips).

There are times when I have to carry >$5,000 on my person but it is rare. For years I had boxes in the casinos where I played regularly. On the occasions where I carry large sums of money I always conceal the vast majority of it in some sort of money belt (a fanny pack worn under my clothes will do) with enough of a roll in my pocket to satisfy a random thief. If it was a setup, you would have lost the cash anyway, but if it wasn't then the cash would still be yours.

On big tournament scores I will take a check rather than cash, and I will also not cash out right after the tournament at FW but instead take my yellow voucher with me and cash out the next day and/or use the cash box area which is in a secure private room. It requires a picture ID to cash out so even if the voucher is stolen it is likely I will not have lost my payout.

Best of luck in the future.

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Re: Horse robbed... opinions needed

I can't believe we have past 100 replies ITT when the answer is the RCMP as there are no one better to investigate a horse robbery.
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Re: Horse robbed... opinions needed

Originally Posted by Jimulacrum View Post
I can't imagine you'll get in trouble for defending yourself and your passenger from a clearly dangerous person......
In any case, "It's better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6....."
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Re: Horse robbed... opinions needed

Originally Posted by MikeStarr View Post
Im assuming the $12000 belongs to you so in my opinion, YOU got robbed and he just happened to be with you when it happened. You eat the loss and he stays at $3500 makeup. I have a few questions though.

1) Why does someone need to be staked for 5 years?
2) Why do you keep the entire $12000 bankroll at the casino? He should never need more than $2500 or so at any one time.

PS...It seems pretty suspicious that you got robbed exactly on this day after taking $12K out of the box. My guess is its an inside job. Someone at the casino, (or hopefully not your friend) set you up.
These are literally all the things I was thinking.

Originally Posted by psandman View Post
So if they are getting robbed and the friend pulls out $15.5K and before handing it over to the robber hands it to OP and says here is your $12K stake and the $3.5K makeup I owe you .... we are square now ..... does that change things?
Ha, good question.
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