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Re: Help on scene in poker pilot?

Having the player not pick up on obvious physical tells and instead focus on pot odds would highlight the online vs live differences in a way that could still show his poker skill.

I’d think about raising that lead character’s age. An 18-year-old has limitations in terms of emotional depth and potential background. I mean, what led the character to the point we’re seeing him?

I enjoyed some of those Holla Balla videos too, but I’m not interested in a dramatic in-depth look at those characters.

It also just seems needlessly complicated to always have to deal with fake IDs or other live issues, especially if you’ve penciled in a World Series event.

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Re: Help on scene in poker pilot?

We had a guy asking the waitress today how much the (complimentary) waters and soft drinks cost. He then took as many waters as she would give him and gave her 5. When she asked how much change, he said none. Later, he admitted to the table he had never been in a casino before. What a shock!
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