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$2/$2 NL vs $1/$2 NL

Online player, making my first trip to a card room this weekend (bestbet Jax). I was wondering why they only run $2/$2 nl games vs $1/$2 games? Never seen this online, and trying to think how this would change the game (even if slightly). I guess I would just expect SB players to be in more pots since they getting the same odds as the BB.

Also any tips/etiquette/little things to keep in mind for a first time live player would be appreciated.

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Re: $2/$2 NL vs $1/$2 NL

Changes almost nothing, since live players usually complete the SB in limped pots anyway. Just makes the pots a bit bigger to start, which makes a (somewhat) bigger difference by the end of the hand, since pot-sizes increase geometrically.

Online player, making my first trip to a card room
Be ready for the loosest game you have ever seen. FE is not really a thing, and ranges are way wider than you think they are. Generally, LLSNL players are loose/passive, though Florida has a rep for often having button-clicking spewiness as well.

As for first timer tips, do a search in this forum for threads with "first time" in the title, as it's been discussed many times.
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Re: $2/$2 NL vs $1/$2 NL

In theory the most obvious thing is there is more money in the pot to go after. Late position steals become more profitable. There should probably be a small adjustment on small blind ranges as they are getting a better price, but it should not be the same range as the big blind as they are usually closing the action whereas the small blind is not.

However, with this being live poker, there is probably very little difference to how your opponents are approaching the game, whether it be 1/2, 2/2, 1/3, 2/3, etc...
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Mr Rick
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Re: $2/$2 NL vs $1/$2 NL

My question is, do they allow chopped pots?
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