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Best cardrooms in Europe?

Me and some friends are planning a little poker trip some time this summer. We live in Norway, so Europe is the easiest and most convenient destination.

Me and one of the guys going have been twice to Nottingham's Dusk Till Dawn casino. I love the place, but it would be fun to try some place new. Also, the British food and weather isn't exactly my favorite.. sorry brits!

I googled a bit, and found a few destinations that sparked my interest.

- King's Casino in Rozvadov, Czech/German border
I read somewhere that you pay 10 euros entry fee at the casino, but that this fee includes "Free all-you-can-eat unlimited buffet, and free bar". This sounds too good to be true, right? Can anyone confirm my suspicions here?

- Prague
Cheap city, and a few casinos that offer both tournaments and cash games.
I'm pretty sure they all speak english relatively okay, too.

Suggestions are very welcome! We'll be going primarily to play poker, but it would be nice to be able to see and do stuff off the tables in the daytime aswell
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Old 02-22-2019, 09:34 PM   #2
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Re: Best cardrooms in Europe?

King's Casino in Rozvadov. A hotel is not cheap. The lower limit rake is high. Nothing to see around. 10 fee, lol; you have all these other massive costs and you are just visiting. If one just drops by with a car (or a van) or one is a higher roller and they happen to have games running, it might be another thing.

Prague is a very popular poker destination. Not sure why as I never spotted anything I would like to play for the size and rake. Western costs or you can tent in cold next to free, I think. The weather hardly improves much here either. Finding something else to do here also, would make this a worthy visit, like any other place as so also. Not just one place to play in this city either.

If I would make a tour, I would start from London (there is more than one place to play at and I think "VIC" is popular among poker players) or/and Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow) for some low rake (NLH) and seeing some places. One can camp in Scotland very nicely if one doesn't mind about the weather. Dusk till dawn casino Nottingham is one of the largest places.

The 1/2, 1/3 or 2/2 rake tends to be the same much anywhere (5% 10e cap) but it probably is higher in Amsterdam (if one plays cash). But from London or so I would go to Amsterdam (Holland casino) though the rake is high, but it is a classic in my mind and there are other things to do in this city also.

After that I would go to Spain (casino Barcelona, casino Gran Madrid and some other perhaps -- camping Madrid is easy, while in Barcelona it is a B&B or hotel/hostel, as no near camping place as far as I spotted, but for mere visits this is not too costly) for more reasonable rake both NLH and PLO action and maybe a better weather (Madrid can be very hot during the peak summer especially and up to cold during the winter) and some beach during the summer.

It is a bit hard to hunt down all the facts about the countries and cities and it is up to what one uses it for other than just for poker. is a relatively good source. This forum and the venues should offer more info, using the search.

The USA (LA Commerce casino, LV Aria for PLO and so on, Florida Miami, or/and Hard rock Tampa) would also be on my list. But take a look into the average weather first as Vegas has 40C during the summer. For tourney players, there is the tax issue if winning 5k or whatever and the paperwork needs to be known before going.

France and Italy are pretty much lacking, or there is one place in Paris (and more likely to come). In Italy, you might get into some club and they might play tourneys there but I don't know about the possible membership requirements -- Italy is always a weirdo so why not here? -- and what the current legal situation is.

Cyprus might run into higher rake if that matters (maybe not as a visit playing something small or whatever) and I don't think Germany nor Austria has anything to offer for most poker players -- other than many places but the usual is to pick the biggest city -- but if one has also other reasons for the visit.

Greece is possible but the only place I know for sure is too isolated to be worth visiting and you will run into the above King situation there most likely as so but one needs to check Greece for more but not expect a thing, just the weather can be good also.

Budapest (Duna poker) has like 100e+ games with higher rake action and a possible straddle.

Bucharest has especially NLH50 to 200 level action where the 200 has maybe 3% rake with virtually no cap but is playable and figures the lowest running in one place there (the other is in the all-in poker club that has some like free to more costly tourney action also daily and some 100 level perhaps PLO supershort might sometimes run -- there is a software that shows what is running in Romania and the link is on that club's web page. This club is sometimes running international tourneys).

These Eastern EU places are cheaper cities (only one camping place in Bucharest, though, and they are very unfriendly and they don't have a working web page for booking but the other accommodation options should be reasonably priced if you do some digging).
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Re: Best cardrooms in Europe?

The hotel costs in Rozvadov can be circumvented by booking other places nearby (the casino hotel is severely overpriced like most casino hotels) but the main issues are the huge rake and that theres nothing nearby. Rozvadov is not Nottingham, there is literally nothing nearby or within an an hour or so. Theres a big forest also which I guess can be nice in the summer but it is nothing special
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Old 02-28-2019, 01:21 PM   #4
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Re: Best cardrooms in Europe?

Thank you for the replies. Regarding the costs in Prague, I checked the prices for various items there, and I can promise you that it's a fraction of the prices here in Norway, so I don't know if I would call it western prices For example, a beer at a bar in Norway will set you back around 9, I **** you not.

Yeah, Rozvadov will probably be a bit too remote for our liking.
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