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Psychology Discussions of psychology as applied to poker and other gambling games.

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Post What are the ROOTS of your poker SUFFERING???

I have been researching my own leaks for a while and I am also studying some eastern philosophy in my free time. I have noticed that a lot of eastern philosophy has to do with spending time introspecting to see what the ROOTS of your SUFFERING are. I recently decided to apply this process to my poker study to see if I could come up with what was at the core of my poker suffering. I am curious what you think is causing you to have repeated problems that don't always make logical sense but instead sweep you up into bad habits and poor decisions at the table. Mine is ego! If you are interested I wrote about mine here along with my entire poker history which is just a series of drunken calamities, but a good read I am told
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Re: What are the ROOTS of your poker SUFFERING???

Hmm, I think you need to honestly answer (to yourself) one question and one question only.

Why are you playing poker?

Once you have your honest answer (I don't care what it is), then make decisions according to that answer.

It's really that simple.
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Re: What are the ROOTS of your poker SUFFERING???

In the poker world, they talk about the roots of tilt. There is knowledge out there about the subject.

Probably the lack of technique and unrealistic expectations; the same for tilt. Not being statistically prepared nor accepting the variance, lacking experience (also when it comes to the related emotions). Other than that, no major suffering, just human feelings.

Playing too much, resting too little; it can drive one crazy, as one doesn't recover enough and one lives in the twilight zone where all the low feelings are. Enough recovery needed, and maybe stuff like extra vitamins, physical and emotional activity. I use music and TV, as gaming can be too little for the brain.

Is one using one's time well enough. Poker is a planned part of my life, so no issues there.
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Re: What are the ROOTS of your poker SUFFERING???

To me is making mistakes or not knowing if a play I made was a mistake.
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