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Sick Bad beat downswing, just variance?

Hey guys I've had the worst downswing over the last 6 sessions and Its left me and my bankroll in shambles. It started after a 3k upswing then for every session since I've been felted every time I got my money in great ex KK vs 4d5c all in on a 3c4sQd turn Ad river 2c for a runner straight, every 70/30 hand and 80/20 hand has been sucked out. The worst happened tonight at a 1/2 table I rebought after having my kings lose to AQo. I started winning a few small hands then looked down at AA, UTG raised to 7 folded to me who made it 20 and folded to SB who made it 50, UTG shoves for 200 I shove along with the SB. SB shows KK and UTG shows AKo. Flop comes K, 7, 3, 6, 9, and the kings hit the one outer and takes down the 700 pot. I've ran bad a few sessions before but never 6 sessions in a row all knocked out when I'd get my money in great. I've taken a few days off and same thing happened. Anyone else experience such a downswing of Badbeats and not just coolers?
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Re: Sick Bad beat downswing, just variance?

yes - i've also had sessions where I never got a hand "card dead" and have called pre and missed every flop every single time for 2 weeks straight.

Also had sessions where I hit top 2 pair vs bottom set over and over again. It will turn around eventually - I am on a downswing right now, they are annoying
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