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Re: poker ability enhancing drugs?

Originally Posted by bmadden View Post
OP said "enhancing" not "enabling" you idiot. Stuey was addicted to coke but he didnt have to use it to be phenomenol. and......We play a game called "poker". We do not play "cards" . 2 plus 2 is not for people like you who are looking for advice on how to play old maid or go fish. What excuse do you have for how bad of a player you are? I can tell from your inability to concentrate long enough to actually read the post and correctly interpret it before you post an ignorant response that I would LOVE to have you at my table no matter what substance I may chose to use.
I find it curious that you come here to call a total stranger an idiot because of a post they made about 9 years ago. Do you really think that they are still monitoring this thread, just in case someone might come back to insult them?
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Re: poker ability enhancing drugs?

racetams have been known to be good cognitive drugs however i get side effects from taking most smart drugs .
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Re: poker ability enhancing drugs?

Originally Posted by jackinthebox View Post
racetams have been known to be good cognitive drugs however i get side effects from taking most smart drugs .
Yeah I tried using Piracetam for a few months many years ago to help with school.

I think it helped a bit with concentration for long studying sessions, but not sure if it did anything for memory.

Didn't really have negative side effects except the awful, awful taste. (I was too lazy to cap my own pills and getting premade pills was too expensive)
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Old 08-31-2017, 04:52 PM   #54
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Re: poker ability enhancing drugs?

I see some advantages with stimulants (not just coffee and black tea) and some advantage with the opposites, as having emotions more under control can give thinking more dominance, as I made a note after I started to use sleeping pills or a part of them (they work at least periodically) and that kind of stuffs and in spite of them taking life energy, someone might make pathetically good (non life) decisions then, so I don't wonder why some people think stuffs also on that arena help them to play better.

Some think some workout helps before play (energy, a stimulant, or even an anti-stimulant, after). But haven't tested. The body has never been on my top list and haven't seen a reason to start manipulating the body physically to improve my brain. Preparing the mind mentally might be more like it, if one finds something that works (for him) and makes things easier and better.

What helps me is to stay in the mode of play, going to sleep with it, waking up with it, playing as long as it is there, as when it is gone after some hours, one is not in mood to play (a personal problem of mine, that I am trying to fix by finding deeper motivation, schedule and whatever). That mode goes under the action addiction (when doing about anything, after getting started), staying in the mode and all is easy (physics), and the body and brain also is as it best optimally be then.

I do like coffee and so for gaming, but I guess the stimulants alone might be the wrong stuffs if one has some sort of a control problem. When I am under the opposite (sedative or so), it helps even my thinking, but I prefer the energy to stay motivated (that's one of MY main things I prefer).

Maybe one could think a perfect mix of everything, and it doesn't necessarily include drugs or the opposite drugs.

Enough rest is also a good thing, that brings motivation and energy back, but time isn't free, or when being rested, one gets more done.

I think I mostly prefer life energy and a clear head. I can also see and hear TV when I play, that gives my brain more stimulation and balance, more life.
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Re: poker ability enhancing drugs?

I played a home game once in college on mushrooms. It was a tournament, and after a couple hours I was bored out of my mind. Literally the worst thing you can do while on mushrooms has to be poker. Eventually I shoved with deuce 9 to get it over with

To add to the thread - I remember seeing a doc about amarillo slim and he said he would eat honey. Said there wasn't a crash like with coffee.
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