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Passion is not there anymore. Still can get to top?

Is there any point in aspiring to become a high stakes pro when the passion for the game is not really there? I was never that guy who REALLY loves the game and I don’t remember myself ever playing poker for no financial stake. I somehow managed to get a decent and constant amount of money out of poker in the last 4 years (used to grind 100s spin&gos and then live cash games), but I was never that guy who’s so much into the game and who thinks hands and situations all the time. I mean my sole purpose of improving the game is just those extra $$ added to my hourly. Also I’m very bad at remembering hands after each session, so I virtually cannot get any sort of reads on people (might be due to the fact that I rather scroll my phone instead of paying attention to the game). Due to this issue, friends suggested me to approach a more GTO based style, as that would be less mental consuming for someone who’s facing my problem.

The thing is that I really adore the life that poker has given me, as I’m currently traveling through Asia, getting decent amounts of money playing around here, but will I ever get to play those stakes that each one of us dream about?

I noticed that most of the successful players have poker as a part of their life, so is my lack of passion a big hold back for getting to that point?

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losing momentum
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Re: Passion is not there anymore. Still can get to top?

I don't think you need to be passionate about poker - I think there is a certain advantage to being fairly detached from the game, so you do not think about poker 24/7, but instead treat it like a job.
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Re: Passion is not there anymore. Still can get to top?

I've been thinking about this lately as well.
I'm watching this right now

I'm going from doing **** for money to doing **** that is hard. Playing poker at the highest level for a long period of time is hard.

prepare to suffer bro. yo gotta do things you hate to do. that means you gotta go over hands for 8+ hours. you gotta read a ton. you gotta run simulations. you gotta play when you don't feel like playing. you gotta focus at the table no playing on ya phone getting distracted. rumor has it gus hansen lost 20 mil partly due to not being focused solely on the game he was playing.

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Re: Passion is not there anymore. Still can get to top?

Additionally to not getting enough rest, as it can make one "stuck," I study the "flow" phenomenon currently, as it is supposed to lead to happiness in doing.

I have not been flowing while playing, that I can say, and I know the flow in other doings, so I know what it is, and now I am trying to get it into poker to decrease the amount of the "grind."

It is also called a "zone." If I can get any of the flow aspect into my gaming, it should make it more comfortable. The best spot for it is when having achieved a skill and feel level in any gaming, but I am looking for it in any doing now, especially in poker.
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