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Old 03-13-2018, 12:24 AM   #1
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Not being able to handle losses.

So I have always had this issue and it has always cost me my bankroll, eventually, and that is chasing losses by moving up in stakes. It's a terrible way to try to get even I know this, but it's something I have not been able to control since I started playing for money well over a decade ago.

I think I have an obsession of seeing my bankroll continuously grow and when I hit a bump in the road such as losing 2 or 3 buyins at a cash game that urge to get back to even is so strong. I do suffer from mild ocd so it might have something to do with it but i'm not exactly sure. Currently I have a sizable bankroll (well over half way to 10k) that i'd like to hold on to.

It's funny when it comes to money I have in real life that I use for bills or groceries I don't have the slightest urge to get that money back, but when it comes to my poker bankroll I do. It's worth noting that I used to play slot machines, I don't anymore but when I did I often had a hard time stopping if I was down money. I would often play until I either got all my money back or I lost everything I had in my wallet.

I'm just wondering if i'm a lost cause or is this something I can fix? I'm an intelligent guy and I know the game of poker well, but this is far and wide the biggest leak in my game that needs to be fixed. I've been taking poker a lot more serious this year and my game has reflected that however my old demon of not being able to accept losing sessions continues to creep it's ugly head.
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Tappy Tibbons
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Re: Not being able to handle losses.

Since you've had this problem for over a decade and haven't been able to resolve it, I'd say it's time to quit gambling. No amount of poker skill will fix this if you can't manage your bankroll - that's like being a great golfer but unable to putt. It doesn't mean you're unintelligent or a loser - it just means that you can't handle this element of poker, and your overall talents are best applied elsewhere.

As an intelligent person, I'm sure you've read all the common books/articles etc regarding tilt and they haven't worked our for you. That means it's probably more of an emotion problem that people just don't understand how to treat properly yet. You could go to therapy, but is it really worth all that time and money just to try and be able to make some money playing a card game?
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