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Old 05-09-2017, 10:52 PM   #1
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How to be courage with a hero call?

I was @ utg straddle, 2/2
Villian raised to $15, I called my straddle with A9d
Flop: Jd24c
I check, villian cbet 26, I called
Turn: 4s,
I check once again, villian bet $52
(I knew somehow if I call this turn bet, I was preparing to call off the river, cause I had around $125 behind)
River: Kd
Hero checked final time, villian bet around $108

I felt something wasn't right, was talking 'are you stealing?
'U show me if I fold'
'Its still the same hand' (hero checking his hold cards repeatedly)
Tried to talk to villain because he 3 bet me quite a few hands previously preflop & I ended up folded. He might be using my tight image to fold me out my ace high call. I was thinking to call down my final 50ish bb....but.....

I folded, and he showed Q8s

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Dr. Meh
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Re: How to be courage with a hero call?

This might be better in a strategy section. No offense but you played it horribly and should work on some basic plays before concerning yourself with the psychological aspects of making hero calls.
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Re: How to be courage with a hero call?

It is usually easier to make hero calls the less money that is on the line.
Would you have called a $10 bet into a $10 pot? A $1 bet into a $1 pot?

There is an idea of a psychological bankroll (I read it first in "the Poker Midset" I believe") Don't play way above it, so that you play with scared money. And don't play way below it, so that you become sloppy and careless
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