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grinding out a living grinding out a living

07-05-2024 , 12:24 AM
i see people playing poker 8+ hours 6-7 days a week and im like wow how the hell do you do it. im playing 5 days a week with lots of breaks during sessions and i still get burned out. these guys sits at the table and at most get off to go to the restroom. It almost like these people are poker playing robots.

There are time when i dont even want to play but compelled to trying to eck out a living. Then desperation for a win kicks in and im no longer in my A game. Ill even start to hate the game.

Right now i think my best solution is to play less, like a session a week. I kind of want to grind but at the same time not, and even give up the game. But im not sure what else i can do. ive already spent so much time studying this game and i still have a small bankroll to work with so i dont want to give it up.

So how can i develope the mental fortitude to always play my best, to not get pessimistic, and negative. How should i view money and how much importance should i put on it so that it does not affect my decisions for the worst? How can i be a poker playing robot too?
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07-05-2024 , 01:30 PM
Honestly i just try to play at least 100 hands every time i sit down to play and after that if im not feeling it i stop obv i mean each table not total
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07-07-2024 , 01:30 PM
Just speaking for myself, I found that my results improved, I had more fun and it didn't feel like such a grind when I started playing more of what I wanted to play and less of the "this is best for my hourly" games.

Sometimes that means I'll enter a few hundred dollar buy in tournament instead of playing cash. It sounds counterintuitive but by playing more of what seems fun I find it easier to put in volume, and my bottom line has actually improved. But I still only put in maybe 30 or 40 hours a week, with some longer weeks mixed in when there is a big event or something, and some weeks when I'm doing something else and don't play at all.

I know what you mean about the "poker playing robots." I don't know how they do it. There are regs that seem to live in the poker room, and all they do is jockey for seats. If I happen to be at their table, and it's a bad reg-heavy game, they disappear leaving a stack at an empty seat. If their stack is about to get picked up because they've been gone so long, they magically reappear, play like an orbit or less then disappear again.

Then an action player shows up and they magically reappear again within minutes, and start trying to seat change to the action player's left. It's pretty obnoxious actually. This is part of the reason I started playing more tournaments.

A lot of these players aren't even very good poker players. They just sit super deep, nit it up all day and wait for someone to donate their stack. It's no wonder a lot of the good games have gone private or semi-private.

Anyway, you really don't want to be a poker playing robot. You might try what billy suggested above. For me just getting in the room is half the battle. Then if the game is bad after a while just leave. That's not where most of your profit is going to come from anyway. When the game is amazing you won't want to leave, and that's the best time to put in a long session.
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