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Old 08-21-2017, 11:36 PM   #126
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Re: Give me a frank and honest assessment...

Very good question!

Without belaboring the point, I'm going to say yes to both.

I'll sure as heck say it's been FUN!!!!!!! And I plan to keep it going!
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Old 08-27-2017, 02:22 PM   #127
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Re: Give me a frank and honest assessment...

bloggy-style post 08-27-2017

Had a 6-hour 4/8 session at Winstar, finally getting the chance to play on a Saturday night (at one point there were four full tables of 4/8 running with a waiting list!!!), which ended $33 down. For the most part I just couldn't make many hands. I'm second-guessing myself on a lot of hands where I flopped a big draw, bet the flop and turn on the come and either bet the river hoping the villain would fold a better missed draw or check/folded or check/showed down the bluff. I'm going to post several of those hands on the limit forum for discussion, but for the most part I think that if I did make any mistakes they were small mistakes at worst - when you just can't make hand there's not much you can do. I'm waiting for the first time I have the kind of night where ALL of my draws come in!

It was one of the friendliest, most fun tables I've ever played at, and I LOVE that, because when it all comes down to it, I play poker to have fun.

A couple particular hands I'll share:

The player to my immediate left was an unusually aggressive player for 4/8, raising 15 to 20 percent of his hands and checkraising flops and turns with top pair. He was also a super nice guy. Anyway, 4 limpers and I'm on the button with KK and I raise. The SB (him) said, "I was going to raise, but I guess I'll just call instead!". BB and all limpers call.

The flop came KT8tt. The SB got really big eyes, said, "Oh man, THAT is the flop I needed! I love that flop!" and bet. 2 callers. I said, "I love it more than you do!" and raised. He paused for a moment and said, "No, I really don't think you do!" and 3-bet. The callers folded. I capped it and he called.

The turn was a 7 that didn't complete the flush. He said, "I'm going to bet right out on this". Not afraid at all that he had a straight, I raised, he 3-bet, I capped and he called.

The river was a 10 and he said, "Oh man, that totally did it - I bet." I didn't know this, but at Winstar there is no cap when it's heads up on the river. I was prepared to go all in - if he had pocket 10s I was going to say I'm Vanessa Selbst and he's Gaelle Baumann, so be it. But he called my 4-bet and flipped over his pocket 8s. His reaction when he saw my kings was priceless! But he was a good sport, smiled and laughed about it even though he was clearly stung. Showed no ill will the rest of the night.

Earlier that night there was a fish at the table who was buying in for $40 over and over again and playing aggressively, almost maniacally. I had two red aces on the button. He raised, I 3-bet, he capped, and 2 other villains came along for the ride. The flop was 3 low cards with two hearts. He bet, 1 caller, I raised, coldcall, he 3-bet, coldcall, I capped, they all called.

The turn was a jack which put 3 hearts on the board. The fish said "YES! THAT'S the card I needed!" and bet. I raised. He looked disappointed and just called. Everybody saw the river. The river, sadly, was not a heart, and surprisingly checked around. The fish had turned a set of jacks and dragged a gigantic pot.

Personally speaking, I usually take a Colts card protector, but I had lost it, so I took my Card Player Cruises card protector. 3 different people had also been on one which sparked 2 of my favorite topics.

All in all, good time!
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Re: Give me a frank and honest assessment...

It's polite of your opponents to enthusiastically announce when they've hit a piece.
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Old 09-06-2017, 10:06 AM   #129
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Re: Give me a frank and honest assessment...

Wtf is with writing bloggy style post ? No it just a post you write blight style post is wierd.
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Old 09-23-2017, 09:57 AM   #130
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Re: Give me a frank and honest assessment...

bloggy-style post 09/21/2017

Broke my record for longest session I've ever played - 7 hours. Got myself a nice, fat, $8.80 food comp out of it too. Unfortunately it didn't end well results-wise - I lost my whole $200 buyin. I felt kicked in the stomach like the session not only drained 7 hours out of my life but $200 out of my wallet, and I was like, why did I go through all of that just to lose? That was my biggest disappointment was how I let myself get overconfident like I can't lose - I know better than that, I know that any time I sit down at the table there's a chance I could lose my whole buyin. It hadn't happened in a long time and I let myself believe it would never happen again. I don't mind learning but I get frustrated when I keep making the same mistakes over and over when I know better. I've since calmed down significantly, but still, I don't like feeling like that, poker is a game and a game is supposed to be fun.

Anyway, it's not like I lost every single hand I played. Here are a few that I won:
Got dealt AA twice, it held up both times, but the first time was during an Aces Cracked promotion window so I WANTED them to lose
Limped along with K3s after a few limpers and flopped quads. A villain called me all the way down with ATs.
completed in the SB with K9o, flopped KQT, turned a 9 and my two pair miraculously held up. Won a pretty big pot actually.
Flopped a set of 4s on a T74r board, turn and river were K, won a good pot off a villain who limped in with AKo and thought he made the nuts on the river
Had a couple big-blind specials where I made a straight after getting to see a free flop with trash like 25o

I'm sure there were a couple more hands I won, but those are the ones I remember.

Here are some notable hands that I lost:
Flopped a set of 9s on a QT9 board. A villain had flopped a straight and I didn't boat up.
Flopped a set of 6s on a 764 board. 3 villains all flopped straights and I didn't boat up.
limped along with K4s, flopped top pair, turned 2 pair, a villain had flopped a better 2 pair
limped along with KQs on the button, flopped top pair on a safe board, another villain had limped in with AQs.

Those are the only big hands I remember losing (I'm sure I lost others as well), but as always there were several where I raised a premium suited hand before the flop and flopped or turned a flush draw that didn't get there, limped along in late position with a suited ace or king (I often raise suited aces in late position to try to get to see a four-card flop but when I'm losing I get timid) and flopped or turned a draw that didn't get there, or actually flopped a pair only to see four clubs hit the board.

I actually don't remember getting dealt very many premium hands. I got aces twice, ATs, I think AKo once, and I really don't remember many others.

There was a guy who sat down after I'd been there for 6 hours and just started hitting two pair after two pair after two pair after two pair - dude just couldn't miss, and after an hour he had so many chips he had to ask for a colorup to color up $500 of his blue chips to red. Not going to lie - I was jealous. When's that going to happen for me???

The good news is I'm still winning at the PLO tables on Global Poker. I've even started learning a shortstack strategy that's profitable for PLO, so I'm still up for the year by several hundred dollars.

Feedback welcome as always,
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Old 10-01-2017, 09:29 AM   #131
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Re: Give me a frank and honest assessment...

Slightly off topic, I will be taking a business trip to Lima, Peru soon, possibly to be followed by additional trips. I just found out that there is a casino with a poker room a block and a half from the hotel I'll be staying at. Ironically it's called Atlantic City casino.

I've played poker in another country (to the extent that an American can really call Canada another country LOL), but I've never played in a country where the native language is not English (I do speak Spanish FWIW).

Anyone ever played in a casino in a country where your native language is not the destination country's native language?

FWIW from what I've heard the casino only has 2/5 NLHE, so if I do play there, I will probably only play their once just to be able to say I did it. I'm not rolled for 2/5NL and find live NL boring anyway.
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