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Psychology Discussions of psychology as applied to poker and other gambling games.

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edge and learning in a nutshell

You know how when you first got into poker sports betting or whatever you gamble on, and if like many gamblers the first introduction into betting you have a winning day, and you instantly think how easy is this game well soon after busting your bankroll a few times you work out its not that easy but continue betting and learning until you finally start to show a profit - and then once again you think to yourself how easy is this game man, and how much you think you know about gambling on whatever you gamble on and the edge you have over most other gamblers.

Then soon after all this, you stumble across some forum or people and after speaking to them or reading what they say, you realise how little you really know and how far ahead they are in terms on gambling knowledge, mindset, maths/variance and theory etc etc everything to do with gambling.

Well now that you have read everything posted by these smarties and exchanged ideas with them, you again get into that thinking where you think your a gambling genius and how now your a smarty yourself.

To only stumble across another bettor, who after speaking to him you realise once again how little you really know about gambling and betting.
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Re: edge and learning in a nutshell

Nice post

My take on learning is the following: (poker learning)

I recently realized the expression knowledge from experience is highly more valuable than sterile knowledge attained from books or from listening to someone else.
And that comes from someone who read more than 20 books on poker, watched countless videos and had numerous coaching sessions.

After a long break I found myself playing again and after actively analyzing my leaks, I was astonished by how much this work improves your performance over reading or watching someone else.

Of course thinking for yourself is much harder that just doing what everybody else is doing.
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Re: edge and learning in a nutshell

The learning-curve in poker is not a straight line (linear)..I am struggling also with some gambling issue but have to say that you knownlege about that is not much important as your discipline. I have figured out for me that discipline, good bankrollmanagement and tilt resistance is the key to have some success in this area..If you have no discipline, it doesnt matter how good you are or how hot you are running because the bad days will comming thats for sure and if you are not mental prepare for these days, you will get crushed and burnt your money faster than you can count...
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