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Re: Degenerate Gamblers!

Originally Posted by thelover View Post
That's the same in my case, to take the meaning of that a little further, I only see myself quitting by dying, killing myself.

I don't think I will ever kill myself tho, because the only way I see myself doing it is with a shot to my head, and as I am living in Europe and I don't have connections and proper cause of owning a gun, I will never have access to one, and that's the only reason i'm still here, and that's why it's good i'm not in America or some place like that where is easier to get a gun than to get food.

Well, actually it's really strange, because I really feel like I would like to kill myself and end everything, this cycle of destroying my money and getting in more and more debt each month, literally throwing loads of money in the garbage month over month, really makes me want to kill myself, but then again, I also really want to be alive, so it's reaaaaaally confusing to me, wheter I really want or not to be dead and end this cycle, because I think I have somewhat of a hope, but it's not really hope, I really can't explain it, that's probably because I'm a mess.
I wish you luck thelover.

The obvious answer is to stop gambling, ban yourself on this site, and work hard to better your situation.

It's not going to be easy, but it's possible.
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