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Dealing with losses Dealing with losses

05-11-2022 , 03:19 AM
I have been grinding 50nl and really trying to build my bank roll for the last couple of months playing 30+ hours a week. I will see a steady increase in my earnings for a couple weeks then go on a til it session and lose 8 buy ins. It has happened two or three times now and I canít seem to step away from the table when they happen. Even in my head I know I canít play well anymore and know I should get off and come back the next day but I canít make myself do it. Following this sessions I will be in a bad mood for the next couple days. How can I get control of this problem? And also after the session, how do you guys deal with bad sessions like I described?
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05-12-2022 , 12:23 AM
Having just lost two months' worth of wins in the last two weeks, I feel ya dude. I know, however, that the vast majority of those losses were variance. Shoving with a NFD and overcards into a PP and missing, or shoving with a set into a draw and them hitting ... over and over and over ...

Yes, some of those losses were from bad play. However, frustrating as it can be, knowing you played hands correctly goes a long way to keep it from spiraling out of control.

In short, knowledge. Knowledge from experience and knowledge from studying is the best way to prevent tilt.
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Yesterday , 03:04 AM
Sounds like you have mental game leaks. Something about losing causes you to play worse.

You probably would benefit from accepting the loss and doing some deep breathing and a cool off walk each time it happens.

Yeah also study more. Some is probably bad play too. Take a little break, get your mental game on point, make sure everything else in life is going well enough so you aren’t distracted and playing worse as a result. Gl.
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