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WPN has a rigged BlackJack game!!

One can say the basis of this post is sour grapes, but if you will hear me out it is more than that. This post is based on the suspicion that WPN's online casino is dealing a dirty game of blackjack where the player has little to no chance of escaping a winner.

The site claims to be using a standard six-deck chute and an RNG to ensure fairness. Here are some examples of its fair table game:

During the last month spanning 11 sessions:

I had on five separate occasions sessions where the dealer had 20 or 21 on 8 of the first ten hands we were dealt.

My bust rate playing optimal strategy with a 12,13,14,15, or 16 is 87%. The dealer on the other hand only busts on 32% of such instances that it hit before having 17.

My winning percentage on hands where I raise my bet is a paltry 21%.

I could go on and on and provide concrete evidence illustrating WPN's systemic cheating but they dont't provde players with hand histories, A RED FLAG UNTO ITSELF.

When I tried to notify them about my findings WPN Customer Service shrugged it off. So I decided to go all the way to the top, CEO Phil Nagy for a response and his was to block me from his LinkedIn account.

Here is my message to Mr. Nagy:

Hello Phil. Let me introduce myself. I am Neil and I live in Chicago. I have been a longtime online poker enthusiast but like many others lost interest after 2011. However, whenever I do play poker online it is inevitably on ACR. Not because of choice but because your site will accept money from me despite the illegality of my actions. Since WPN takes my real money I guess that makes WPN a criminal actor as well.

But I am not bothering you to discuss the hypocritically ******ed stance of the USA government when it comes to online gambling. I am reaching out because I think what you offer at the poker sites sister casino is an outright grift on any customer stupid enough to try their luck at let us say one of WPN's blackjack tables.

Mr. Nagy, have you ever played for real money at one of WPN's blackjack tables? I doubt it. Because if you did you would be the CEO of nothing right now. The house already has the statistical edge in BlackJack but at your casino, it has been put on steroids. \

The player has about a 5% chance of leaving the table with a profit, regardless of hands played, or amount wagered. But I can't back up this allegation because conveniently hand histories are not stored for future reference. A smart move if those hand histories would show how badly rigged the blackjack games at WPN are.

For example, the bust rate of a player hitting a 12,13,14,15, or 16 is 84%. The dealer on the other hand has a bust rate on those same exact hands of 37%. That is a 47% difference in the dealer's favor even though its cards are being dealt from the same deck with the same cards. That's called cheating.

Or how about the amazing proclivity of the dealer to get a 21 or 20 when compared to the player. If I could access my hand history you will see that it occurs about 4x times more often than the player (myself).

Then there is the big set-up of being dealt an 11 with the dealer showing a low card. An obvious double-down situation in normal fair blackjack. But at your casino, it is a nearly surefire way to lose twice your initial bet because the player has a 90% chance of receiving a 6 or lower, and then the dealer would show and take a card or two until 17 was reached to render the player a loser.,

I could go on and on about the ways the player is cheated at WPNs blackjack tables but there is no point because it doesn't matter. You run a criminal organization that clearly only cares about profiting off of individuals like myself who are left with no other options.

You like to say your motto is, "Try not to Suck!" Well, try harder because stealing from people sucks. Ok. Have a nice day Phil.


Neil Zelkin.

The actions of an innocent man No. He is a crook. His sight is crooked. So unless you want to burn money stay away from WPN they SUCK!!!
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Re: WPN has a rigged BlackJack game!!

I see a whole lot of claims and no evidence. You didn’t even say where you pulled these numbers from so unless you were tracking every single hand and can provide some record of that I’m gonna say you probably just pulled them out of the air.

The least you should do is record statistics over a sample of hands and try to determine the probability that these events could happen if the game were fair. Then you should present your analysis so your methods could be critiqued and maybe your conclusion could be verified. Math > feelz.
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