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old hand
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Video Poker 3 to a royal ...

What is the probability of getting a natural royal flush when dealt 3 to a royal?

I get 2/47 * 1/46 = 1/1081 ~ 0.00093

But the following page says 1/92 ~ 0.0109

1/92 seems laughably too big .. but I could be wrong I guess.

I say natural because this is actually on a deuces wild 5 card draw machine.

While we're at it - how about the probability of making a set or better on a deuces wild machine given we're dealt 3 to a royal (natural) and we draw 2 hoping for the royal.

btw - I did search for this on 2+2 but I didn't find it. THANKS!
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Re: Video Poker 3 to a royal ...

You interpreted the site numbers incorrectly. The 1 in 92 is the chance of being dealt 3 to a royal. Further down, he gives the hit probability to be 1/1081, same as you.
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