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Quickly learning basics for statistics

So I've decided to try going back to school in France and I'm applying for a program called Banking, Finance, and Risk Control and I have to take an admissions test in 2 weeks comprising culture, English proficiency, and statistics/logic.

I haven't studied any math at all for over a decade and it looks like there a bunch of questions that are either the type "train A leaves going 100km/h and train B leaves going 120km/h..." or "there are 14 teams in a soccer league, if they all play each other twice, how many total matches will be played".

So it doesn't look like the math is too intensive and I could slowly figure out those types of problems with enough time, but is there a decent resource on the internet to brush on basic formulas or faster ways to tackle those problems so I don't waste time?
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Re: Quickly learning basics for statistics

I do not know. Good luck.

(I replied so you don't think that nobody read or cared about your post.)
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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Re: Quickly learning basics for statistics

You might look at the GRE study materials. It won't be an exact match, but it has some basic logic and stats in it.
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