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Questions from PP1989

I don't want to start any problems or be labeled a rigtarD. So, I will start this off as light as possible, being that this forum on THIS site, IS the most heavily posted to, I want to post my questions.

How many hands and with what kind of percentage do I need to make a hand, and with what kind of percentage do I need as far as standard deviation, to prove that something is wrong, And this is not to say that I think the RNG is rigged, or More Particularly that there are heavily cheating players in this game.

It is to say in a pure statistical matter. I have done this on Lock. And albeit the feces-gaming site known as merge isn't closed down, lock certainly is. From early 2012, is when I conducted my research, in 2015 this feces-site known as merge isn't completely shut down, feces-lock closed their doors. So before I conduct anymore research on anymore of these petty stakes-HugE GaminG Websites/ I would like to ask this simple question, not to be labeled some delusional although perhaps a statistician-phenomenon.

My second question is what does it take to be banned from this website for accusing that any sites are rigged, if they are not all rigged someway?

A third point to make is that Puggy Pearson was an ultimate cheater in the game, ranked as one of the best, along the lines of Paul Morphy in Chess. This is just a tidbit-fact though. Along the line, as he pissed and kicked on dealers and ran after winning players, around the table after he cheated.

Before I get any horrible, horrible, thoughts from all of ya'll. Just take it that I am Not accusing the games of being rigged or whether there are cheating players. I do not know personally. I would Definitely Like to Say More!


Your sincerest!!
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Re: Questions from PP1989

If you want unbiased responses, I would tone the rhetoric way down. Otherwise, it is way too easy to dismiss you.

Regarding what you need to know to prove something, it depends on what you're trying to prove.

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Re: Questions from PP1989

Most people would consider a 5 standard deviation result worthy of strong suspicion. Then you have to look for more samples of it to confirm your suspicion.

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Re: Questions from PP1989

To comment, we really need to know exactly what your hypothesis is, and how you propose to test it.

For instance, you should see every starting hand with the same frequency. But you won't see every card with the same frequency on the flop, because flops happen only if two people have playable hands -- so it's not 'rigged' if fewer than 1/13 of the cards on the board are aces.
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