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Notices - Smart Spin Team Biggest and best Spin'n'Go poker school out there. Here you can read more about us, ask any questions and check out our free content!

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What is Smart Spin

SmartSpin™ - The biggest and most futuristic Spin'n'Go Poker Team

Why the biggest?

Because we - as founders - are putting 1,000,000$ (one milion dollars) on the table for recruitment purposes. Anyone did that before?

Who are we?

We are group of 4 highstakes heads up hyper players who earned milions of dollars in profit from poker in our careers, made Supernova Elite statuses on Pokerstars consecutivly for years and now we are coming with the most optimal strategy for the new game - Spin'n'Gos.

Why most futuristic?

Most poker stables simply give money and offers coaching from time to time, right?
We are moving it to the next level. We spent hundreds of hours developing most optimal strategy for those games moreover our strategic team is still working on strategy due to constant changes in population tendencies. Right now we are offering training course which will drastically increase your learning curve and ease of playing.

Our best players who were recruited at 7s Spin'n'Go were promoted to 100s in few months. In process of that they were reaching two digit ROI pre-rakeback!

Also a lot of poker players these days struggle with variance. We have developed advanced solutions for that problem. If you join our team, prove your commitment and trustworthiness there is an option to get advances, split rakeback while in MU - you will be taken care of!

What we offer:

-full financial backing if you are playing with our funds,

-definitely the best HUD on the market for Spin and Go and HU games available only for our members

-technical support for the HUD and PT4 on daily basis,

-Spin and Go preflop strategy developed by SmartSpinTeam,

-50+ group coachings plus dozens of private sessions every month

-New Videos posted daily! (coaching recordings, mindset videos, how to work in ICM-izer/PT4, videos regarding postflop/preflop play and more)

-access to our forum with over 35000 posts, 10000 threads - the most active member is killuifuplay with over 3000 posts! We guarantee to respond to all your poker/mindset questions within 24 hours, more than 4000 strategy videos which are newest and best quality wise on the market

-access to skype-groups with all our founders/Coaches and fellow SmartSpinTeam members

-specially tailored and unique motivational system for our members with financial benefits for the best!

-Tell-a-Friend Program

- professional mindset help - so far our members worked with Jared Tendler, Elliot Roe, Tommy Angelo, various psychologists, and other successful poker players

Why spin'n'gos?

First of all - these games using our strategy are easily beateble with very high return of investment (even if You are running unlucky in terms of hitting multipliers!)
Also as You probably know Pokerstars is putting a tremendous amount of money into Spin'n'Go promotion on the poker market. What does it mean? Best field in poker industry - which leads to a lot of money to be made.
Using strategy developed by our team it's easily achivable to get even up to 10% ROI - You do the math.

Who are we looking for ?

Our recruitment process is described in details on our webpage:
If You :

- are dedicated to improving your poker game
- are determined to play poker full time for living
- want to climb up in stakes as fast as possible
- want to work with best of the best in business

Your application should include:

Note about your experience in the industry, what kind of games you playing at this moment etc
Recent results as graphs/sharkscope links - if you already have some experience-> pokertracker4 or HM2 graphs/stats in chipEV from spins/husng
Few words about yourself (i.e. how old are you, do you have a wife, children) . Pretty much everything is important for us - the more information you will send - the better.
-Why should we choose you, what is your motivation besides financial factor, maybe one day you would like to became our partner or coach?

Our Team goes ahead in terms of Your needs as well. Staking deals are going to be flexible and well tailored for everyone.
If you meet criteria above, dont hesitate to send an application to our recruitment team at

Also feel free to check out our social media!

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