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Thumbs up BPC - Our Offers and Reviews - We Make Champions

What is Bestpokercoaching (aka BPC) and what makes us different?

Hansthegreat's turns $50 into $100k in less than 9months. Day by day.

(30k in RB/Bonus is not in graph)

Read Atvars's progress from Day1 on BPC

(turned -1.5bb winrate on NL200 into a 7bb winrate at NL200. He is the fastest finisher of the program with 5 months and 24days)

$35k/month. $100k in 9 months. Inspiration.

(3-4k in RB and bonus not included in the graph. It's 2013, but actually his record DAY in 2015 is 22k Euro - he improved further on his own)

Do You want the same success like the guys above? Join our CFP program and become our next star

=>BPC is the fastest way to make big money in poker and we are proving it every single day.

BPC is the site with the worlds leading, most efficient and successful coaching for profits program (aka CFP). We invest every single month a 5-figure amount into improving our teaching technology. We scientifically test our methods so our students will improve even faster in the future.

No matter how bad you run, no matter how much you suck at poker and no matter how unsatisfied and frustrated you are with your game right now: BPC will help you to become better than you ever thought you could be. Not because we say so, but because we have helped people in your situation (and worse) to achieve incredible results and we will do it again with you.


Unlike everywhere else, you don't have to "believe" or "hope" that what we say is true, because...
  • We are the only coach(es) that publicly track the progress of our students from day 1. Take a moment and ask yourself why other coaches aren't doing this...

========= >>>>>>>>> APPLY NOW !!!

Also, we're real people who meet up in real life. This picture was made at our annual event in Dubrovnik (Croatia), July 2015. You can find more pictures of social events on the various blogs on our website.

And, of course we're not always serious:

Ok, BPC is great and you have helped thousands of people how to make money. But what are the next Steps I should take?

We recommend you to apply and join our Coaching For Profits program here. You don't have to pay anything for the coaching until you make real profits. We are so confident that we risk our own time and money (you play with your own bankroll tho). It does not matter whether you are a newbie or seasoned professional. We have Step-by-Step-Systems in place to bring you from A to Z, from broke to rich. We have specific groups and material whether you grind 50+hours each weak or play poker as a hobby and spend 15hours/week only.

(If you are crazy and don't like the idea of coaching for profits (you pay nothing, but give a share of your winnings), we also sell poker courses on our site.. The 3 best courses are: How to Crush Fish in 2015, No-bs-6max Poker and Secrets of the poker millionaire mind

1) Learn more about our coaching for profits program here: CFP Information

2) Apply. We will give everybody a chance, even if you have learnt poker 1 week ago and/or only have a $25 bankroll. Go to our application page.

3) Crush poker and make a LOT of money. You can get a small sample of our reviews down below.

Any question left? Check out our FAQ first, everything is answered in a very detailed way.

More Reviews until you will finally grow some balls and join!

(His 8k winning day, some untracked hands missing in graph)

(His record month by now is already $16k)

From our one and only $teezy, who finished CFP with a $30k month:

And this graph here is from a former border cop who has 3 children:

Tired of so many reviews? Ok, we get it. But just so you know, there are a LOT more of them.

========= >>>>>>>>> Enough Reviews, i am convinced and will join CFP

Ok, so who will be coaching me, who are the coaches ?

The strength of our coaching system is that you are not dependent on one specific coach. We have specialists for every area of the game who are the Head Coaches. We even have a full time database specialist on board (Alan Jackson) who is not only a HEM HUD genius, but also scientifically checks our standard lines and makes sure that what we teach always works - across each game.

Gordon himself still takes care of the Heads UP and 6max programs as a head coach (he will soon have a successor), but we integrate the most successful players as coaches, because they know even better what it means to crush since they do it every day themselves.

BPC offers different games. BPC has high standards and we like to work with the best. A former student of Gordon - Bencb789 - is our Head Coach for 6max Hyper SNGs. He is the best in the world in today's games.

Our PLO 6max head coach is John "KasinoKrime" Beauprez

Our PLO HU head coach is "Kazor" , who has been the PTR player of the year twice.

In other words, you will be in very good hands. At the end of the day you should not care WHO is coaching you, but how much money you make. However, we think the guys mentioned here are a very fine selection!

What is the history of BPC, how did everything get started?

Our founder Gordon retired as a poker professional in 2010. He then realized that having a lot of money is nice, but sleeping at the beach, traveling and getting laid can become boring (yes, it does!). He then set bigger goals for himself than he had ever set and decided to create a big businesses. His passion is in education, so BPC is only the start!

Gordon has not played professional poker professionally in 5 years. But not only do his students have phenomenal success and totally crush today's games (check the reviews!), but they also see in live action that their coach might be "old", but still very sharp and definitely ahead of his time.

Here is one of his many accounts from back in the days.

(Graphs were checked and officially verified by pokerstrategy dot com)

So after coaching and producing some of the most wanted videos, among them the record breaking series "Champions stand up one more time than the rest" (translated into many languages) ***, the work became so inspiring that he decided to go big with BPC.

*** Proof: The only name which is two times in the "video of the month list" (Raskolnikov is his handle on PS). This is despite the fact that he created only a total of 5 videos in that time span.

Accepted Payment Methods:

Bitcoins, Neteller, Moneybookers/Skrill, Paypal, PokerStars (email us for details). Credit Cards work through our site through paypal.

General Refund Policy:

Read this article in our support forum

Older Success Stories (you can read the whole thread if you wish. We kept them for nostalgia!):

Originally Posted by Stevecunn View Post
I've now had two sessions with "ThinkItThrough" and can only say good things regarding his coaching technique, lesson structure and knowledge.

He will identify your weaknesses and tell you exactly how to fix them. His no-nonsense style is very effective and he is a pleasure to work with.

MY first impression of this thread wast that it was "too good to be true", but I thought he was worth a try - and I am VERY pleased that I did.

Magne, Pro Player and Famous in the Donkr Community (

Originally Posted by magne87 View Post
Hello all..
My name is Magne..I play under magne_18 on PS and magne87 on evp.. Guess some regs have seen me around...

I have known Gordon for quite a while now...We first met when I was living in Malta. Gordon moved there at the same time...We both played 1/2 and 2/4 HU at that time... I have spent tons of hours discussing poker with Gordon, and I can truly say he has been the most helpful person in my pokerlife.. We both slowly build our way up to 10/20 and even 25/50 HU.

We have lived together in several places after that (Buenos Aires, Thailand, Vegas++)

Gordon is imo a really good teacher when it comes to poker...He is smart, organized and good at explaining his toughs.. Hard to go wrong if you want to try him out as a coach..

If anyone has any questions, send me a PM...
Originally Posted by 1nsight View Post
Hey all I recently completed the headsup mastermind course and have had a few coaching sessions with Gordon. I can say with 100% certainty that Gordon is the real deal. Its not often you hear stuff like rapid improvement, make 100k/yr etc etc and its actually legit.

After reading through all the positive reviews here and seeing the support of some well known 2p2 posters I decided to get a session with Gordon. He very quickly assessed me as a player and gave me some very good general knowledge in our first session about tilt and spew. We covered a good deal of spots/hands through which Gordon noticed I was lacking some key fundamentals. He recommended his headsup course to me and after seeing how effective and efficient his coaching is I snap bought the course.

I went through the entire thing in a matter of a week. Literally stopping after each video/topic and going onto 50nl hu and drilling the concepts into my head. It was cool because each time I did it, it was like adding more tools to my game. Anyone that says the course is very basic has CLEARLY not gone through the entire thing. Gordon goes into great detail explaining concepts and better than that he gives countless practical examples so you actually see what its like to utilize the information. The cool thing too is after anything he tells u he always says "why that" and then gives you reasoning. Its funny cause sometimes Ill be playing now and literally hear Gordon in my head saying "why that"

Ive been having ridiculous success since completing the course and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn headsup. Its so well put together I think even a newbie could succeed from watching it alone.

Graph 1 (Pre Gordon) 100nl: Playing only fish, extremely bad losing regulars, or playing regs to start 6max/fr tables

Graph 2 (Post Gordon): Sitting everyone in the 100nl hu lobby and staying vs anyone who will play me (afaik 0 fish and 0 losing players in this sample)

Huge thanks to Gordon and will def be getting more coaching with him. I hope to post again with graphs of 1/2 and 2/4 soon =D
Originally Posted by Jonkotemmer View Post

First of all I want to thank Gordon for the HU Mastermind Course! Few months ago I had about 1100$ bankroll left, I cashed out 1K for the HU Mastermind and started playing HU with my last 100$. And this are the results so far !

Now my next goal is to reach 100K. I might get some more coaching from Gordon to reach that goal safe and fast .

Anyways, what I want to say is that Gordon is an amazing coach. He helped me, and Im sure he will help you to!


Originally Posted by gg_wild View Post
Hi, here are my nl100 6max grafs.
1st graf are hands i played after i bought "Double Your 6max Winrate" and a couple of private coaching lessons.
2d graf are all hands i played at nl100 6max. You can see a huge difference on 2d graf between first 48k hands and the rest, that was the moment i decided to improve my game with Gordon's help. I rly appreciate how Gordon approaches the coaching. He teaches what is the right way to think about poker, what is wrong in your thinking process, how to improve it, etc.
More over, recently i decided to improve my HU game and bought "Heads Up Mastermind" video course. I haven't played a lot(haven't even watched it till the end yet) but even now, i see huuuuge difference in my game after learning some new stuff.
So i definitely recommend Gordon's courses or private lessons to everyone who have troubles with beating any cash game.
Good luck guys!

Originally Posted by beHypE View Post
... what I REALLY like is the fact that Gordon goes in detail about practical, crushing stuff, and really cuts the link between all the ****ty thought processes you acquire when you keep reading 2+2 and other forums where everyone is free to post and where you misapply concepts or just take a lot of stuff as the holy grail while it's really not THAT important at small stakes (not saying 2+2 isn't a goldmine, I just think that a lot of things like "balancing @200NL" especially against fish, or the word "standard" are just making you lose focus on the essential stuff, and just limitate your thought processes because u're like "wow this isn't standard, it has to be bad")...
Originally Posted by horse84 View Post
I know thinkitthrough irl and he is a really nice and intelligent person. Very analytical,too. He speaks several langages fluently, so if youre say german and dont want an english coach, he is def the person to turn to.
I think most players would benefit a lot from his coaching.
Originally Posted by saya9889 View Post

In 2 hands, he found out a big leak I had, because he understood my thinking process and corrected me.

What I really LOVE about him is that he's entirely rational, and he's basing all his reasonings behind FACTS. This is very important especially for me, because I was making assumptions, while he told me to use FACTS.

Also, that might sound stupid but he's not saying BS half of the time like some coachs do. I had one coach who I felt had a very low poker level, but the way Gordon talks, you can see that he already went through the level you'll want to reach.

So I'll take more lessons from him, 250$ is not crazy for SS/MS players who would like to crush their games.
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Re: BPC - Our Offers and Reviews

We are including all formats of SNGs into our SNG GRINDER program. That means whatever the format you play, Ben will take you all the way!

6-max SNGs, turbos, hypers, 9-man, up to 180 man SNGs! All formats are now included in the program, so you can mix in your preferred formats, or play a few different formats, whatever makes most sense in your particular case. You will consult with Ben, and come up with a customized plan that best fits your needs and strengths.

Find more information and all the details about the programs on our website: LINK.

A reminder for all: With December 1st the promotional Security Deposit amount of 250 EUR is coming to an end, and the Security Deposit for the SNG GRINDER program will be 500 EUR, as it is for our other programs.

The program is filling up, and the promotional period, like all good things in life (except our CFP programs!) is coming to an end.

Hurry up and get the cheaper promotional price in the next 2 weeks - if you cannot start playing immediately, you can still sign-up and secure your place in the program, however we can only guarantee it once you have paid the Security Deposit.

A short reminder of our programs:

You can find more information and all details on our website: LINK.
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