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To all poker coaches

I have been thinking about signing up for the BPC program..So, in reading the post a lot of people say the $500 is unfair. How many coaches out there would like to coach me. I'll give you $500 plus 50% of winnings and and you could coach me for as long as it takes to get to $50,000 you will get half $25,000?

Please be able to show stats that you are a top player.


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Re: To all poker coaches

You're looking for a unicorn, that doesn't exist outside of BPC

Your safest bet is BPC, and ignoring the complainers. Maybe some people say it's unfair that they have to pay a security deposit to join the best and the ONLY coaching program that publicly shows the results of the students over and over again, and is structured in a way to allow you to progress step by step.

Many people perhaps don't understand the value of a motivated poker community, and a structured program. It's like comparing going to a music institute with top musicians whose students regularly win competitions, to looking for a guitar instructor in advertisement section and hoping he will be good.

There's no comparison.

Of course some people "feel" it's "unfair" to have to pay anything. They would like to get things in life without doing something for it. Some people feel life is just unfair to them in general.

The program is not for everybody. Whiners and complainers will have a tough time (but that goes for anything in life).

But if you're a motivated and ambitious player that wants to move up limits fast, BPC is your safest bet.
Our student quote of the month: "I started playing NL2 and now I play up to NL500. Soon I’ll add some NL600 tables. The target is the sky!"
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Re: To all poker coaches

Nick, you're probably asking in the wrong forum as this is the BPC private forum. However, i'm happy if you find a coach willing to do it.
Your money is not going to change my life, so my added happiness is 0.

However, if you make it (with somebody else) i'd be the first to congratulate you and that coach. Yes, maybe after years there will be finally worth somebody who we could call "competition" , but then again i'm in this to improve education on a bigger scale... so my mission is to make money, but not "only" that.

Ask all the coaches in the coach forum: .

Here is what's going to happen:

They will have some bull**** excuse why they can't do it. Some of them you shouldn't even ask in the first place because they haven't even made 50k in a year.

Others have, some of them are or were actually decent players. However, ask them if they have coached people with "only" a security deposit AS LONG AS IT TAKES to win. And do they have even ONE student whose success is documented from day 1.

The answer is no.

Of course, everybody has to start somewhere. So YOU can be the first. Ask them if they are willing to prove that their coaching is worth their money...

Again, now a BS excuse will come and you will be asked to buy hourly training or some monthly stuff...
Look, that is gonna cost you roughly 500 anyways. However, are they going to coach you for one year or two years even if you don't win big right away?

Just do it and i promise you will look at what we offer with different eyes.

Like i said, i care less if you join or not. Other people probably need your $500 a lot more. I also don't want the wrong people to join. After all, we only make profit if you win
(any idea how much running this's 5 figures + every month...)
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Re: To all poker coaches

Yes, I'm about 95% sure I will join..just need to come up with the 500 + the deposit for the card I live in the US so its not the easiest thing to deposit money to a card room!!

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