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Poker Tells/Behavior, hosted by: Zachary Elwood Discussions about poker tells, behavior, and psychology, with a focus on live poker.

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Weird behavior, twice.....

So I'm not sure if this was a tell or not, but I saw a player (let's call him "Mr. InstaShove") do an interesting thing twice at my table the other day. He was heads up against the same opponent (let's call him "Mr. Slick") in both spots. In the first one, Mr. InstaShove was in position facing a check raise from Mr. Slick, who had seemingly been playing fairly aggressive and perhaps trying to bet Mr. InstaShove out of pots. So after the check raise, Mr. InstaShove tanks for quite a while and begins studying Mr. Slick; he thinks for the longest time, mumbles to himself, makes a couple of open comments about the hand, and then abruptly asks Mr. Slick, "will you show if I fold?" Mr. Slick quickly responds, "Yes" and then Mr. InstaShove IMMEDIATELY SHOVES ALL IN. Almost like the "Yes" answer was the tell he needed. A few hands later, Mr. InstaShove did pretty much the same thing. When heads up against Mr. Slick, he says something out loud and then immediately after just SHOVES very, very quickly. This second time, Mr. InstaShove really did not wait for a response from Mr. Slick before moving all in.

I'm not sure if he was just trying to pull a I'm-Acting-So-Fast-I-Must-Be-Strong move or what, but it was one of the weirdest actions I've seen.
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Re: Weird behavior, twice.....

Weird indeed. Erratic people are a challenge.
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